So, you’ve decided to try growing your own crop of marijuana. Potential growers should know that it can be rewarding to grow marijuana plants from either seeds or clones, but most people find that seeds offer unique benefits, especially to outdoor growers. First of all, it’s will produce tap roots that search for water and nutrients and help anchor plants to the ground. There is also a huge variety of them from which to choose, and many growers opt to buy either online or from local dispensaries.

Growers who are shopping for seeds need to familiarize themselves with their local marijuana laws. Before forking out your cash and buying seeds and materials, it is also critical to choose marijuana sellers who offer high-quality seeds as opposed to bargain basement priced items. Additionally, before deciding on a specific strain, buyers should take into account how difficult it is going to be to grow and the environment it will need to thrive. Granted outdoor growing is the best option, but successful growing can be done indoors, too.

  1. Understand Marijuana Laws Before Seed Shopping

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While it’s true that several U.S. states now allow home marijuana cultivation, the rules and regulations vary widely from one area of the country to the other. The state laws that govern cannabis products and their cultivation also determine their buying restrictions.  

It could be that if your state allows home cultivation and does not have too many restrictions, you may be able to buy them at a nearby local dispensary. In many cases, you will have the choice to buy from a brick-and-mortar store or online retail outlets. Click here to learn more. 

  1. Choose a Cannabis Strain 

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Sellers offer a wide variety of them, and each produces plants with unique characteristics to consider. Factors like germination time and the expected harvest are important when making a decision. Further, buyers may also choose between feminized and standard seeds. Totally pure and natural, regular seeds will bring about both male and female plants. However, Feminized seeds are specially treated and plants will only be female. When growers take the time plant feminized seed, they’re making certain that all the plants are producing cannabis.

Customers can buy Sativa or Indica-dominant as well as hybrid seed strains. Experts have proven that some strains do better in warm climates while others thrive in colder regions. Per Weedmaps, seed banks often provide digital catalogs that describe dozens of currently available strains and their characteristics.  Ultimately though, the final seed choice often will boil down to one’s personal preference based on a buyer’s favorite strain.

  1. Look for High-Quality Seeds 

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It is crucial to buy the best quality seeds since they have the highest germination rate and determine plant characteristics like shape, size, and potency.  Professionals at CannabisNow stress that buyers should look for fresh, mature seeds. Healthy, mature seeds are gray-brown, include speckles, are glossy, and are crack-free. Note the color of the seeds before you buy, as if the seeds are too dark, they could be old. On another note, immature seeds tend to be white, pale yellow or light green. Expert growers often claim that the best seeds will be striped or feature dark spots on the seed itself. Hold the seed under light and look for a waxy coating or sheen for the best quality seeds. 

Size is another consideration when evaluating seeds. Look for larger seeds that are teardrop in shape or symmetrically round. The less mature seeds will often be smaller with an unusual shape. If the seed feels hard or crumbly, it’s possible it’s immature and should be avoided. However, a quality seed will be smooth and hard with an uncracked surface. 

It is fairly easy to evaluate seed quality when purchasing from a dispensary but if you’re buying online, it could definitely be more challenging. It is critical to success to use only reputable online dealers who specialize in fresh, mature seeds. Buying seeds is an investment, so it pays to take your time and be selective when comparing products. Do your research and read reviews of a company before making a purchase. 

  1. Consider the Growing Environment 

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To gain the best crop, growers should factor in the amount of space available to them for cultivation and whether they will be growing plants in an indoor space or out. It should be said that growing them outdoors can likely produce a hearty crop, but you will need to select strains that are known for producing well outdoors. Read up to find out the right season to start planting and make sure you have enough healthy soil and nutrients. It’s an ongoing maintenance task for your plants, as they should be watered regularly and protected from weather extremes.

On the other hand, most marijuana seed strains do well indoors, but cultivating plants indoors requires the right growing environment and appropriate equipment. Experts recommend special lighting, as the light should be bright, but not too bright. You may also need to purchase fans to provide a gentle breeze in the space. Lastly, a thermometer to make sure the soil is the right temperature. While it’s true growing plants inside usually requires a larger initial investment, you will also have more seed choices from which to select.

Cultivating marijuana from seeds gives growers a lot of options and can produce especially hearty outdoor crops. Before buying them, it is essential to check local marijuana growing and buying laws. Shoppers should buy from reputable sellers who provide fresh, mature seeds. Choosing a seed strain is usually a matter of personal preference, but buyers also need to consider factors such as how much space they have and the growing environment. Don’t shy away just because you don’t have outdoor space in which to plant. Growers can succeed indoors with the right equipment and time investment. Do your homework and find out how you can make the most of the opportunities being offered these days.