Are you aspiring to be an indoor grower? In these pandemic times when everyone needs to stay home more, indoor growing is an interesting, fun, and rewarding way to make the most of your time.

But to get the most of your crop, you should have the right indoor growing tools and equipment. That’s where rookies find indoor growing overwhelming. Sometimes, it feels impossible for them to find the ideal equipment such as grow lights, nutrients, grow medium, etc.

However, as difficult as it may seem, you can get your hands on the best tools with the right information. Plenty of online product reviews can help you get started. Particularly, TopGrows is an excellent platform that provides the best reviews about weed-growing tools.

This article will discuss the importance of the right indoor weed tools to get the highest quality yield.

Why Choosing the Right Grow Equipment is Important?

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Deciding Grow Medium

The first important step in growing weed indoors is to choose a growing medium. Some types of cannabis require a soil-based system, whereas others flourish the best in a hydroponics system. Therefore, the right medium depends primarily on the type of weed plant you want to cultivate indoors.


By and large, the soil is the premier choice of most indoor growers. It is widely available and simple to prepare. Besides, soil already comes enriched with essential nutrients. Therefore, you don’t have to add supplemental nutrients to support the plants.

Weed plants have somewhat different needs than common plants. They have the maximum growth in slightly acidic soil. Moreover, they want varying amounts of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, etc, at various growth stages in addition to micronutrients.

Overall, the growth and health of your plants largely depend on the growing medium. So, you need to invest in top-quality soil to avoid misfortune in the end.

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A soil-less medium, hydroponics uses solutions rich in nutrients in the water to feed the plants. The nutrients in this system absorb quickly than in a soil medium. That’s why the plants in a hydroponics environment grow much quicker as compared to other mediums.

Furthermore, since weed plants require plenty of nutrients, hydroponics is an ideal medium for them as it provides them every last bit of nutrients. So, a marijuana plant not only grows faster but also gives a bulk yield. Even more, the chances of pests ruining the plants are also near to a minimum here.

However, a beginner will find it challenging to operate and set up this system. In addition, the workload while growing weed indoor in a hydroponic environment is doubled. You have to regularly check the plant roots to keep molds, fungus, and root rot at bay.

Choosing Right Seeds

First of all, decided what type of results you want from the weed. Cannabis is of two types mainly, Sativa and Indica. Indica gives you a more relaxed, sleep-inducing high that also is an excellent cure for anxiety. On the contrary, cannabis Sativa fills you with energy, focus, and motivation, overall.

Choosing the right seeds with the right genetics will greatly decide your final crop. For that, you’ve to make your mind about what type of weed plants do you want.

Typically, black, brown, or a mix of both is an indication of mature marijuana seed. However, it is prudent not to buy green-colored seeds as they are not fully mature.

If you buy a low-quality seed that lacks the essential ingredients to grow a healthy and potent plant, your yield would not be enticing. Therefore, investing time in researching weed strains and seeds would help you in the long run.

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Grow Area

Grow area is the place where you’ll be growing your weed plants. Its size depends on the number of plants that you want to cultivate. Typically, a grow tent is the appropriate tool to cultivate plants in.

A sturdy and well-built grow tent will separate the plants from the outside environment. With it, you don’t have to worry about external nuisances such as insects, high light, harsh temperatures, and winds disturbing your crop.

Grow lights

In addition to a tent, investing in efficient and top-notch lights is also inevitable. The weed plants need plenty of good light to grow at an optimum level. However, the quantity of the lights depends on the size of your tent and crop.

By and large, LED lights are more efficient and suitable for indoor weed plants. They don’t overheat the inside of the tent. Moreover, the water retention is better due to the production of minimum heat.

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Efficient Ventilation System

Furthermore, it is important to keep the fresh air flowing into the grow tent and exhaust heat and stale air. A constant stream of fresh air is essential for the healthy growth of plants. Since plants will be getting an unbarred flow of CO2, the chances of their stunted growth are less.

A high-quality air ventilation kit including a fan and carbon filter will keep the bad odors out of your system. In addition, they will ensure the inside temperature is optimum for plant growth.

Complete Grow Kit

If you want to avoid the hassle of individually buying each tool for indoor weed growing, a grow kit is the alternative. A kit or box is a complete package containing all the necessary equipment needed for successful indoor cannabis cultivation.

They come with grow lights, tents, ventilation kits, and extra tools you may require during the process. In addition, they also offer the grow medium options, such as soil or hydroponics, that you can choose from as per your choice.

But remember to only invest in a reliable and best kit. A below-par kit will only increase the trouble for you as a beginner.

Once you have the right equipment, you’ll be ready to grow your first crop. With every batch you grow, your knowledge and skills will hone, and ultimately you’ll become a master.

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Since the legalization of weed in many US states, its craze has grown many folds. Many cannabis enthusiasts now opt for growing weed indoors. It is a great way to grow high-quality marijuana plants in a controlled environment. However, only the right equipment will get you the best harvest.

To buy ideal tools, you need to have solid research about them.