Weed, marijuana, hashish – whatever you want to call it, it all means the same thing: cannabis. The popular recreational drug has become a backbone for social change, medical influence and a tired trope of the movie business. If you’ve never had it before, it can be quite an overwhelming adventure to jump head-first into without knowing what to expect.

So this special blog post is all about making cannabis as accessible as possible. By providing detailed information, breaking down myths, learning life-changing benefits and opening up your mind, you’ll get insight on whether or not recreational cannabis is the right adventure for you.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Recreational Cannabis

Why Use Recreational Cannabis?

Why wouldn’t you use cannabis the real question? Despite what conservative media says, cannabis is a powerful and useful drug that can enhance activities and improve energy and socialization. Here’s a little breakdown of how it can help you:

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  • Boost creativity – You’ll find that you’re more creative than usual when you’re high – particularly when watching movies, playing video games or listening to music.
  • Increased focus – Everything is more focused and in-depth than before (you would have noticed this in movies how characters are such deep thinkers!)
  • Sleep better – CBD-based cannabis encourages restful sleep as it relaxes and calms the body and the mind.
  • Improves sex – Sensations during a high are more profound, which means a better sexual experience between you and your partner.
  • Encourages exercise – You might not think it, but the compounds in cannabis help with you getting a runner’s high earlier and longer.

Most significantly, cannabis can be used to combat a wealth of chronic physical and mental conditions.

It is advisable that if you do have any chronic pain, you speak to your physician to prescribe medicinal cannabis to help you.

Here’s what cannabis can do for your health and well-being:

  • Treats chronic pain, stiff joints and muscle spasms – CBD-based cannabis can help numb pain, providing you with consistent relief.
  • Improves your appetite – You’ve heard the term the munchies before, and it’s well-applied here. This can prove useful if you need to improve your appetite (like for those who are recovering from cancer). It can also assist with nausea if you have problems consuming food.
  • Decreases depression and anxiety – Cannabis consumers have reported that specific strains can uplift moods and energize, reducing symptoms of sadness and loneliness (which are linked to depression).
  • Improves insomnia – As we touched on above, sleep can be maximized if you consume cannabis, meaning fewer issues with insomnia.
  • Reduce stress – As cannabis can uplift your mood, it means it can reduce feelings of stress, giving you a feeling of bliss and peace.
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As you can read, this hardy plant provides a wealth of benefits for both your body and mind. But if you’re wondering what it feels like to get high, we got the details for you below.

What Does It Feel Like To Be High?

This is a tricky question to answer as there are numerous factors at play here. Significantly, the strain that you use for consumption.

There are two types of plant strains: sativa and indica, each having its own unique properties (the mixture of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD) when consumed.

Sativa is responsible for feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and bliss. You are more likely to get a mental high when you consume sativa-based cannabis products. Basically, if you want energy, you choose this type of plant.

Indica focuses on the body more than the mind. You will be more likely to reduce pain, relax your body and reduce anxiety if you take this strain. Indicas are thought to be more for calming you than energizing you.

Then, there’s a hybrid, which is a mix of both plants. This strain provides a balanced outcome as it combines elements of both strains.

To really see what it looks like visit brownscbd.co.uk

But as we said, there are multiple factors at play here:

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  • Your body chemistry (such as your previous history with cannabis, weight, height etc.)
  • How much you consume (for newbies, we always recommend a “take it slow” approach)
  • Method of consumption (smoke, vape, or eat)
  • Intention (what do you want to get out of it)
  • Your mental state at the time and your location

It can be a little overwhelming to consider all these factors, which is why it’s advisable to speak to your local budtender (https://budbardispensary.ca/) as they can guide you on your journey, so you have the best experience possible.

Breaking Down The Myths

There are many myths surrounding the use of cannabis, which have placed a negative connotation on it. Let’s remove them once and for all:

  • You cannot overdose on cannabis. You can “green out” or have too much, which will make you feel sick or experience a trip, but you will never die from it like other drugs.
  • It is not as addictive as other vices, such as smoking, alcohol, or painkillers. If anything, you’ll enjoy the experience more than the actual drug itself (unlike smoking, where the compounds are addictive themselves).
  • It is not a gateway drug that will lead to other drugs.
  • It is not a dangerous drug, as study after study has found that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol, tobacco, and hard drugs like cocaine.

Methods of Consumption

Cannabis has come a long way and now can be consumed in numerous ways. What you feel like depends on what you want to experience. Consider the following consumption methods below:

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  • Edibles (such as chocolate or gummies, and now includes beverages)
  • Flower (also known as buds, where you can use them as you please)
  • Prerolls (little cigarettes already made for you)
  • Vapes (cannabis-infused vape pens and dispensers are available)
  • Topicals (creams can be useful for numbing pain)
  • Drops/Concentrates (also known as oils)

What Do I Do Now?

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to recreational cannabis. There is so much more to learn – and experience – when consuming this amazing product.

If you wish to learn more or experience it for yourself, we recommend visiting local cannabis dispensary at budbardispensary.ca. They will be able to provide you with more information and guide you going forward.