Marijuana, weed, cannabis, are among the common names given to the herb which is used for both recreational purposes and to provide relief from certain medical symptoms. Legalization has been amplified around the world and the result is a greater focus on research and development, the latter of which includes alternative methods of consumption.

This has suited many, who may not have felt comfortable with the traditional dry smoke inhalation via a joint. The rather overt experience of a bong or water pipe has also kept curious at arm’s length. If you’re striding out anew on this journey, these succinct bits of information will be useful comrades on your route.


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A flashy choice, the bong or water pipe has been available to users for centuries. Like its other older siblings, it has undergone a make-over, particularly in shape and size, but the user principle remains the same. Dried weed is held within a small bowl. When lit, the weed combusts, the smoke is filtered and cooled through the water.

The result is a smoother experience, hence its popularity and being selected over the dry smoke varieties. If bongs are your thing, you need to make sure you invest in a great quality glass bong. Molino Glass makes the search for a great bong easy by providing a range of quality products . High-quality glass adds to the experience, as well as to durability, so make sure to make a good decision when investing in a new device.

Dab Rigs

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Easy for beginners, a dab rig is also known as an oil rig or concentrate pipe and is not one of the newer tools. It was created especially for cannabis concentrate to be vaporized through the water. It has benefited from a few noteworthy enhancements, which enable use at a lower temperature and it can hold vapor longer.

The experience is more powerful than smoking weed and will be felt within 10 minutes and can last for up to 2 hours, hence its popularity. The extraction process has determined a variety of dab extracts, and they contain both CBD and THC, sometimes very high percentages of the latter. This particular and potent form should be consumed with care. Easy to clean, this does not require much maintenance and can be quickly reused.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

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Purportedly the healthiest way to consume your herb, a dry herb vaporizer is made for vaporizing weed and loose leaves via convection or conduction. This heating activates the beneficial assets within the plant. An excellent taste is on offer, as this gadget makes use of the most natural material. Vape pens are incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is grind your weed, fill the chamber, turn your device on, which will then be heated, as will your herb, inhale, and revel in the moment.

Newer than other members of the family, showcasing simpler and healthier attributes.


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Those who love their food will adore this option which combines two favorite pastimes. Have your cake and eat it, truly is possible when you include marijuana in your baked sweet treats. If you’re watching your waistline, add a few drops of concentrate to your daily pot of tea. Couldn’t be much easier than this. Apply caution please, as the effects are not instant and if your patience runs out, you’re likely to overdose. Popular past, present, and future, edibles are best enjoyed in a safe space, with an experienced someone else, to ensure comfort levels as a beginner. They are wonderful for those who prefer a more discreet experience.


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Cannabis tinctures are a type of cannabis extract that can be taken orally. Tinctures contain the cannabinoids of the plant dissolved in alcohol, glycerin or vinegar. The process is simple and easy to make with just two ingredients: cannabis and high-proof alcohol like vodka. Most types of tincture use grain alcohol, but you can get creative by using other spirits like rum or tequila if you want something extra special!

You only need a few drops at a time so it’s perfect for someone who doesn’t want to smoke their medicine because they have respiratory issues or don’t enjoy smoking. Since this type of medication bypasses your digestive system, it allows for ingested THC to enter your bloodstream much faster than when consuming edibles. Cannabis tinctures are a cannabis extract product that is used as a medicine for pain relief and to help with anxiety.


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A joint is a marijuana cigarette that is made by rolling cannabis with a paper. Joints are often mixed with tobacco or other things to make the smoker feel like they’re not smoking weed alone – but this isn’t always the case. You can also roll your own joints without any additives, for those who only want pure cannabis in their lungs. There are plenty of benefits to using joints as opposed to other methods of consuming cannabis, including lower cost and less risk of lung damage. Smoking joints is a great way to enjoy weed with friends, but can be expensive. When rolling your own, it’s easy to burn the herb or have too much paper in the joint. The problem with rolling your own joints is that it takes time and skill to do properly. However, if done correctly, then they are less likely to go out and will taste better than store-bought ones too.

Cannabis consumption methods vary depending on the desired effects. Smoking is a quick, but harsh way to feel the full effects of marijuana. Edibles take about an hour before their effects are felt and they can last for up to six hours. Vaping allows cannabis’s active ingredients (THC) to enter the bloodstream through vaporization instead of combustion, which means that less harmful substances like tar and carbon monoxide are inhaled when using this method. The different types of edibles available range from chocolate bars and cookies, to gummies and drinks. Whatever method you choose, the benefits are guaranteed.