First-time dabbing can be pretty challenging, and if you are new to the process, you should make sure you do your research before you try the method. Know that first-timers should always have someone more experienced with them to guide them, and it is recommended to start with cannabidiol products before you move to THC goods. If you are interested to know more about the things that you should do and steer away from, then you should keep on reading. Here, we will list some dabbing tips and techniques that all beginners should know.

Make sure everything is clean


Clean equipment will make a whole difference, and if you don’t clean it before or after using the goods, you risk damaging all the items and ruining your experience as well.
Experts suggest that you should do this right after every session so that you prevent any clogging or damage, but if you use the tools often, then you can just wait to clean them before you start the new session. Know that if you don’t practice this, you are far more likely to stain or scratch your goods, and in the long run, you will waste a lot more product if you use dirty items.

Drink a lot of water

No matter if you are using only cannabidiol products for the first time, or if you are going to use THC extracts, you have to drink a lot of water. This method is far different than anything that you have tried before, and it is pretty easy to get dehydrated.

So, if you don’t want to ruin this experience for yourself, and if you don’t want to start feeling dizzy and nauseated, then you need to have at least one bottle of water next to you. Drink the water every time you see it, and know that by keeping yourself hydrated you are going to have a much better dabbing experience.

Have the needed things


One of the things that you need to do before you try this practice is getting all the items that you need for a full experienced. The worst thing that can happen is getting together with your friends to dab for the first time and realizing that you are missing some of the tools.

The items that you will need include a dab ring, extracts of your choice, a pointed tool that will help you apply the concentrate, a dab nail or a banger, a torch, as well as a carb cap.
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Try out different techniques

There are many different ways that you can enjoy this process, and even though the hot dabbing is the most popular one, you can also opt for a cold start or even reverse dabs.
You can try the hot method, where you just heat the nail with a torch, put the extract in, let it cool off, and as soon as all the vapor is released, you should inhale.

In case you want to try a cold start, then you should put the concentrate in the nail before you start the heating process, and you should start inhaling before all the fumes are released. This is going to help you work with a cooler product and avoid burning yourself or even overheating the extract.

Always put the equipment on a flat surface


It is pretty easy to damage the tools that you are using since most types of equipment are made of glass or other fragile materials. You will be using a blowtorch, and you will also be working with extremely hot tools, so you don’t want anything falling or you accidentally touching the wrong part of the glass.

Because of this, you need to put your goods on a flat surface that is always going to be stable, even if you lean on it. Make sure things are properly set up before you start, and double-check if anything is slippery or if anything may fall and break during the session.

Pay attention to how long you heat your product

When we first start practicing dabbing, it can be pretty easy for us to overheat the product and that will lead to bad taste or completely ruining the goods. Know that if you try and use an overheated product you will not like the experience or the taste at all, and chances are, you will not want to try it ever again.

To not make a mistake like this, you should use a timer every time you dab, or you can also pay attention to the surface itself. If the glass gets red, then wait for it to cool off and then continue with the practice.

Know that the equipment is hot


One of the things that beginners tend to forget about is how hot the equipment can get. As beginners, we are not used to handling this type of equipment, and if you are using glass products you should handle them with caution.

When you first try it, it can be pretty easy to forget about the temperature, and you can end up burning your hands. If you pick the dab ring when it is really hot, you will not just burn yourself, but you also risk breaking or damaging the tools. Let things cool off before you handle them, and always be extra cautious.

Always take breaks

Finally, know that after you start this practice is going to feel great for you, and you will realize that dabbing is far better than anything else you’ve tried before. Know that you will want to do another session pretty soon after you finish the first one but you should avoid the practice until you are more experienced in the process.

You should be aware of your THC tolerance, and you should know that with this process you will be getting much more of it than with any other method. So, you should take it slow, and you should know that you can easily burn yourself, especially if you are new.
Take breaks, make sure you rest between sessions and learn how to fully enjoy the ride before you decide to dab more.

These are some of the things that you need to know, and if you are dabbing for the first time, have someone experienced with you. This can be an amazing experience, as long as you do it properly, so invest in good equipment, take it slow, and just sit back and relax.