If you find yourself in need of legal assistance, do not hesitate. Information is increasingly available to people through the media, but much of this information is not valid. So, too often we encounter misinformation that is all around us. This generally arouses people’s suspicions, especially when it comes to important things such as criminal charges. However, try to follow only the exact facts that you can easily verify.

Ignore false information, because in this situation you really need the justice that everyone deserves. You can only get this if you have a lawyer on your side. Of course, you have to pay attention when you hire. However, you first need to get rid of all misconceptions about drug lawyers and lawsuits. To find out which are the most common myths, keep reading and find out in the rest of the text.

  1. Abuse and distribution of drugs is legal and cannot be compared to the use of other drugs

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Of course, the truth is completely different. Regardless of the fact that it is not a certain type of drug, consuming drugs in the wrong way is equally bad. Of course giving unauthorized recipes too. However, this opinion is mostly prevalent among students who will not think that it is something bad to use the first medicine to relieve the pain they have or something that will keep them awake all night to study. Thus, most of these substances belong to the group of controlled drugs that are legal. On the other hand, abusing their effects and taking them without a prescription is illegal and very harmful.

It is understood that only a professional such as a doctor or pharmacist can give you these medicines. However, even if these experts allow you to buy medicines because you have a reason, do not be persuaded to share them. Although your friend may be in trouble because he only has a few days to pass the exam, keep in mind the law and clearly distinguish in your head what is right and what is not.

  1. The process of filing a lawsuit is very simple

A lot of people think this way. They also think that they can use any approach and that they will succeed. Of course, such a misperception has nothing to do with the trial. The matter is much more complex and serious than a simple disagreement. So, the whole process takes a lot of time, different means and effort in order for the request to initiate a conflict that would be resolved by a court decision.

It is because of these things that you should consult with your lawyer before filing a lawsuit. He will be able to determine, based on many years of experience, whether you have a good enough claim that has the possibility of proving. Drug laws are particularly complex and you will not be able to write a successful lawsuit on your own.

  1. Drug lawyers often work with other authorities to your detriment

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Every lawyer is basically neutral. Its main role is to protect the interest of the client with whom it establishes cooperation. So, every one of his actions is within that role. His private and business connections have nothing to do with it. However, in addition to that, a lot of people do not have this opinion about lawyers, especially when it comes to other lawyers. Most of the misconceptions relate to their collusion with the prosecution.

Of course, lawyers actively cooperate with the prosecution, but also with the police, the court, etc. They all have a lot of respect for each other and it is not in their job description to clash, nor in their personal interest.  Also, there are other courts that are working harder to rehabilitate than to sentence to prison. It is important that the lawyer has contacts there. Read what Paul Silk Cooper, a famous Rockland County drug lawyer, had to say on the subject of drug courts.

  1. Out-of-court settlement is always a better option

As we said in the previous section, this is not true. Although it often happens that a big settlement is reached in order to avoid going to court, sometimes a jury is counted on. So, experienced people like those from an insurance company or some law firms know they can bet on a jury.

It can really surprise you sometimes and that is exactly what these people are counting on. All court costs and other resources that may prevent the other party from going to court are also taken into account. Maybe it is in your best interest to explain to the jury that you are not guilty of any felony related to drugs.

  1. Every lawyer is the same

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This is not true. The difference is big. First, lawyers work in different places. So, those lawyers who work in large companies and insurance companies get paid by the hour. However, there are lawyers who have to wait for a verdict in order to get their money in the end. Such cases involve a certain risk, because they will get their money if they win the case. He can also invest a lot and end up running out of money. This reminds us of another common misconception, and that is that all lawyers are rich.

Lawyers who are considered very wealthy people when it comes to money and position, work exclusively with selected members of society who are in the same or more positions. Their salary will depend on the location, specialization and skill. In the end, we have lawyers who work for the state as well as prosecutors, they have a fixed salary regardless of the outcome of the case. And he or she must be expert in field of drug law, otherwise your chances are very slim.

  1. With a good lawyer you certainly get the case

It is true that you can get a lot with a good lawyer, but that refers to the conditions of cooperation and the possibility of settlement. Anything else that is not within the purview of this expert may affect the outcome of your case. On the other hand, each case is different. If he gets too complicated, even the best lawyer can’t help you. Things like this are even more complicated when it comes to drug lawsuits.

For example, a lawsuit is filed between a person and the medical industry or something similar. Surely from this example you can understand how difficult it is to achieve a fair outcome, but when you have the right expert by your side, he will certainly do his best to succeed in that. But if they caught you with 10 pounds of cocaine, no one will be able to save you from prison time.


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Keep in mind that one of the most serious criminal charges is this type. Don’t even think for a moment how frivolous it is to face this accusation on your own. However, you can take a break when it comes to lawyers because they are on your side if you choose the right one. The most important thing is to take the court process extremely seriously and to act responsibly, you will only succeed if you first get rid of wrong attitudes about the mentioned things.