Even though kratom sales have become common at places like corner stores and gas stations, kratom is a simple botanical compound in its purest form. A substance that has existed for centuries, kratom has been used for several purposes for decades. 

However, you’ll find conflicting opinions on this natural substance, depending on what you read. Some believe kratom is an addictive drug with serious side effects, whereas others consider it viable for chronic pain and other conditions. 

According to the facts published by the U.S Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), kratom has gained significant popularity in the U.S in recent years. As such, increasing numbers of people have asked different questions about this substance. 

This post attempts to answer some of these frequently asked questions and yes, you’ll also find out if kratom does get you high or not. 

What is Kratom?

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The same report stated that kratom, botanical name Mitragyna Speciosa Korth, is a plant originating from Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar. Coincidentally, both the coffee and kratom plants are of the same taxonomic family. The kratom tree can grow as tall as 50 feet and cover an area of 15 feet. 

The indigenous people of Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia have used this botanical substance for centuries as an herbal drug. Traditionally, Malaysian and Thai laborers use it to energize themselves in preparation for a hard day’s work. 

Usually, this was done by chewing the leaves to work more diligently and get relief from body pains, burnout, and muscle strains. Likewise, some indigenes also used it as an opium substitute. Today, you can buy this from bulkkratom.com. However, it’s crucial first to understand how it interacts with the human body.  

Can Kratom Make You High?

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Now, to the question, everyone asks when talking about kratom. Does it make you high? The answer is yes! However, this will depend on the amount you take and how your body reacts to it. You can find it in different forms like powder, capsule, and liquid. 

The New York Times also stated that it is available as a drink called ketum in New York, Colorado, North Carolina, and probably other states. However, back in the day, people used to consume this herbal supplement before starting their day to fight through the pain, anxiety, and depression. Besides, some common uses include pain relief and sexual enhancements. 

Effects of Kratom Intake on Your Body

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According to reports from 286 kratom users, which detailed their kratom experiences, about 30.4% of these users experienced intense feelings of well-being comparable to euphoria. These sensations increased with higher doses of the substance. In many cases, the subjects of this test compared their experiences to that of opiates.

The exact words used by one person to describe the feelings included pleasant and euphoric.  On the other hand, another used the word body relaxation, clarity, and mental calmness. 

Among all the experiences, some reported negative effects. To be precise, about 16 percent of kratom users in this survey recorded having health problems. Some of these included chills and sweats. 

Though all these observations were interesting to some degree, public health researchers were particularly keen on knowing the relations between kratom use and dependency. Also, researchers wanted to understand how kratom users can use it to wean off other addictive drugs. As a result, experts recommend users to consume kratom in controlled amounts.

In this study, only 10 percent of users with physiological differences admitted having withdrawal problems following the weeks of no use. Meanwhile, nearly 11 percent of subjects disclosed that kratom served as substitutes for other substances like opioids. 

Overall, the study indicated that the effects of kratom vary slightly from one user to another. These effects are mostly pleasant and mild. If you are interested to know about kratom then make sure to check out konakratom.com to know about various kratom products and their uses.

But how does kratom compare with other drugs? Continue reading to find out. 

Comparing Kratom and Other Drugs

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Studying the experiences of kratom users, researchers compared kratom’s effects with other substances such as alcohol, heroin, and cocaine. One thing stood out-that the adverse side effects of these substances far outweighed their positive impact.  

It became clear that among the selected drugs included in the comparison, kratom users were least likely to experience negative side-effects. For instance, users of heroin admitted experiencing five negative side-effects for each good effect. In the case of cocaine users, this got even higher at seven negatives to every good effect. 

But that wasn’t the worse ratio; alcohol users recorded the highest ratio differences with 13 negatives to one.  One fact to keep in mind, though this report wasn’t scientific research. However, it points to how users might respond to some of these drugs and substances. 

Common Uses of Kratoms

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Earlier, natives from Southeast regions used to consume kratom in the form of tea, where they boiled raw leaves in hot water and drink it afterward. Now, with more possibilities and various manufacturers, kratom can be purchased in the form of kratom powder, capsules, and specialty items. However, when it comes to potential health benefits of the supplement, some of the common conditions reported to respond to this natural substance include:

  • Cough
  • Anxiety
  • Diabetes
  • Opiate withdrawal
  • Depression
  • Pain

It’s essential to find the best doses to obtain the best experiences and benefits of kratom.  


So will you get high from using kratom? The concrete answer is yes! Especially if you take it in high doses. However, we will only understand kratom fully and it’s effect and benefits for the human body after further studies by experts. Until then, it’s essential to keep an eye on the rules and regulations of the DEA governing such substances. Also, before you decide on incorporating kratom into your diet and lifestyle, make sure you consult an expert for the right amount of dosage and safe combinations.