Las Vegas legalized the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes for individuals aged 21 and above. Marijuana, just like Alcohol, has dangerous effects, primarily on drivers. With the recent legalizations, people are not aware of the dangers of using marijuana as they relate it to Alcohol. Driving under the influence of any is illegal according to Nevada state laws as they cause harm to both pedestrians and other motorists. These acts are not only wrong legally but also civil wrongs. Therefore such an accident may lead to court hearings for compensation of the innocent victim.

However, unlike alcohol cases where there are breathalyzers, marijuana cases can be hard to establish. A driver can only be convicted of driving under the influence of marijuana only if first evidence of marijuana in the vehicle. Second, if there’s a witness to confirm that the driver smelt of cannabis or the driver’s admission to taking cannabis. Finally, a witness testimony they saw the driver take marijuana. Otherwise, without such evidence, a driver cannot be accused of driving under the influence of the sport.

However, a blood test may be taken. Suppose the results are positive after some time. In that case, one is convicted of driving under the influence of marijuana, which is punishable in different ways, such as community service, few months in jail, and a fine. Notably, marijuana records will stay in one’s record for close to seven years. Therefore, in situations where one is involved in a car accident with a driver under the influence of marijuana, it is necessary to involve an attorney from established firms such as Ladah law firms. Also, one has dealt with such a case before to ensure you are fully compensated for all monetary loss.

Therefore below are reasons you should get a marijuana car accident attorney.

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  1. They conduct thorough research to prove the use of marijuana

As earlier stated, it can be challenging to establish that a driver was driving under the influence of marijuana. Therefore, involving a lawyer will ensure they conduct thorough research to prove driving under the impairment of the negligent driver. This can be done by sending a police officer a comprehensive search on the driver and his car. To establish any smell of cannabis or any cannabis in the car.

Also, the police officer can question the motorist if he used marijuana before the crash. If he admits to using it, then it is evidence that can be used against him. Through this research, if the motorist is found guilty, the other motorist or client can either make a lawsuit or apply for compensation or damage cost, medical bills, and time pet away from work to ensure healing.

  1. They help negotiate with insurance companies.

Experienced lawyers will work their way with insurance companies to ensure you are fully compensated. In most cases, insurance companies want to go directly to the client to seal the negotiations. This encourages insurance companies o shorten the compensations and unfairly compensate the client. Therefore, including a lawyer in the negotiations will help you get total compensation from cheeky companies. Consequently, it is necessary to have an experienced lawyer who will help in the total settlement.

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  1. They will guide you in the whole process.

Lawyers are necessary in case of car accidents. They will guide clients to calculate the amount to be compensated that is fair. They will go with you through all losses incurred since the accident’s time to the healing journey. These may include; damages to the car, medical bills for both physical and emotional injuries.

Also, it may consist of salary losses and time of work lost. Therefore an attorney will help you calculate the full amount to get a fair settlement. Moreover, in deceased motorists, close relatives are to be involved with the lawyer to ensure full compensation for their loved ones. The lawyer will also take them through the whole process.

  1. Represent you in court.

Despite the legalization of marijuana, driving under the influence of such chemicals is punishable in court. If a motorist is found guilty of impaired driving due to marijuana, they can be taken to court and convicted. However, it is essential to note that only a client can file a lawsuit and not the prosecutor or anyone else. A client may be forced to file a lawsuit in situations where they do not come to terms with the compensation. i.e., one is unfairly compensated, or the negligent driver refuses the negotiation terms.

Then is such situations, the client will decide to file a lawsuit to include a third party in the negotiation process. Then an experienced lawyer will help you get fully compensated. Notably, in the case of marijuana, if one is found guilty of driving under the influence, then the accused may serve few months in jail or 24 to 96hours of community service.

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  1. A lawyer will reduce the burden

Hiring a marijuana DUI attorney will benefit you in different ways. For instance, the lawyer will ease the burden of negotiations. In these cases, the lawyers will do almost all the work to ensure you are fully compensated. They will work with the insurance companies and the motorists, saving you the hassle of doing these negotiations. Additionally, they give you ample time to recuperate.

With a lawyer, you don’t have to wait until you are fully healed to start the negotiations. They will ensure you get the compensation even while at the hospital beds or recuperation. Further, they save you the hassle of determining who is in the wrong, among other things. Therefore getting an experienced attorney in dealing with marijuana cases will ensure you are fully compensated, and justice is served.

In conclusion,  driving under the influence of marijuana will cause car accidents just like driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances. Therefore observing state laws is important for everyone’s safety. However, in cases of accidents, it is essential to involve a lawyer to help through compensation.