As we hear all sorts of opinions about marijuana, it’s hard to differentiate between truth and myth. Therefore our mind plays with the thought of whether or not to use cannabis as a herbal remedy. However, marijuana is not a new object; from ancient times, it has been used by physicians and monks for its healing and therapeutic properties.

Marijuana in History

In the ancient world, people commonly used to eat hemp seeds as food and had noticed the herbal richness of this plant soon enough. We have found that it was mentioned in the oldest Chinese pharmacopeia from c.100 AD. 

According to this book, the flowers, the fruit, and the leaves of hemp are medicinal. However, the leaves and the fruit are mentioned as poisonous, whereas the hemp flower and kernels of the seed are not.

In a Neolithic grave in the Netherlands, cannabis pollen was found in an unusually high concentration, according to the experts, these were used as a high dose pain reliever. Papyrus from ancient Egypt also spoke about the pain-reducing properties of cannabis. 

However, in India, marijuana has always been used for religious purposes and also as a herbal supplement for physical and mental wellness. They use it to treat dysentery and sunstroke; besides, clearing phlegm, help in digestion, increasing appetite, generate intellect, and giving prudence to the body and merriment to the mind are also some reasons they suggested using cannabis.  

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Is Marijuana Effective Against Obesity?

The acclaimed benefit of cannabis against obesity makes it rather questionable since we all know marijuana usually elevates the urge of munching. But does it work?

The answer is, “Yes, it Does!”

As surveys show, people who smoke cannabis are less prone to obesity than nonusers. It’s because, despite getting munchies, they burn more energy than they produce, as they smoke regularly for a longer period.

But it’s not all about metabolism; cannabis helps maintain weight in many other ways.

  • Cannabis promotes good sleep, which we all know a vital component in fighting obesity.
  • Usually, cannabis smokers are not into drinks; therefore, the calorie intake is comparatively lower in them.
  • Cannabis relieves pain, helps in concentration, and also provides the energy boost to carry on a daily routine of exercise.

But marijuana is no miracle pill that would make you slim and trim magically. Rather it can help your overall slimming program working as an amazing catalyst.

How to Use Marijuana for Weight Loss?

Smoking just any Marijuana may not help you much in checking your appetite as different strains act differently in our bodies, by activating different senses. Therefore, you have to choose the right strain first. 

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How to Pick the Right Strain?

To suppress your appetite, you should choose strains that contain a high amount of THCV. THCV is a substance found in cannabis, known for its unique effects and fascinating consequences on one’s mind and body like no other cannabinoids.

THCV blocks one of the other cannabinoids called THC, acting as an antagonist of the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Thus, it stops you from getting munchies while stopping you from getting high. Even though the psychoactive effect of THCV is the same as THC, it comes with a much quicker action but less euphoria; therefore, is often unpopular among many cannabis users.

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How to Plan Diet with Marijuana?

Having marijuana in one’s regular diet has shown the signs of reducing plaque build-up in arteries, and is also known for improving glucose absorption in the human body. However, these can’t stop storing fat in your body if you keep on indulging in your sugar tooth or devour all the fatty foods you like. If you have to make your marijuana diet work, exercise every day, and stick to a healthy diet plan.

Get rid of the foods that are known to give rise to a craving for food; free your pantry from fatty, sugary, and salty snacks and fill it with fresh fruits, colorful vegetables, and whole-grain products. This way, even if you feel munchies, you can eat as much as you like without bothering much about your calorie intake.   

Besides, smoking up a Sativa-dominant strain would be a great help in maintaining your motivation for working out on a routine basis, which you usually tend to skip. But remember, there is no need to jump on to heavy exercises that may cause you more pain to carry on further.

And then, as you wrap up your workout session for the day, try a calming indica for relaxing and restoring your nerves. In case of severe muscle ache, use a topical cannabis lotion for quick relief!

In the end, like many other medicines, marijuana may have side effects too. Learn about them and be efficient with your doses to avoid giving rise to physical issues and also to ensure the optimum benefit of the strain you are taking.

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Other Health Benefits of Cannabis

Besides helping against obesity, cannabis efficiently plays many other roles as therapeutic drugs in today’s world, such as:

  1. Works as a painkiller.
  2. Treats cancer.
  3. May help with diabetes by reducing insulin resistance and regulating blood sugar levels.
  4. May reduce panic attacks without suppressing emotion.
  5. May help with Alzheimer’s. (research in progress)
  6. Stimulates bone growth.


When considering marijuana as a medicine, one must also consider the difference between using and abusing. Everything has a proper way and form of taking it as long as the benefit is concerned. So don’t misuse it. Follow your prescription and take advantage of its amazing healing properties.