As some of you may know, kief is small, sticky crystals that cover cannabis flowers. Other names for kief are keef, pollen, and dry sift. Weed’s quality is often recognized by its stickiness, and that is why it is important to have a lot of kief.

Kief is made up of the resin glands of the cannabis plant, which contain cannabinoids and terpenes, two substances of marijuana that are highly valued. Weed’s medicinal and mind-altering effects are possible thanks to cannabinoids, while terpenes are responsible for the weed’s smell and taste.

Marijuana without kief still has cannabinoids, but not nearly as much.


To maximize the effects of marijuana you don’t have to inhale as much plant matter as possible, you can only separate the kief crystals from the plant. After removing it from the bud, you can snort it. The part of marijuana that can get you high, THC, will be absorbed through your mucous membranes. Keep in mind that before consumption, THC needs to be activated with heat.

If we don’t count snorting kief, there are some other ways that it can be used, including adding it to a joint, coating the top third of the joint in it, or sprinkling it on top of your bud.

To make hash, you need to heat and pressure kief. Those two actions will change the kief’s color, flavor, and effects.


Here is how to make moonrocks by using kief: heat oil and coat nugs with it. While the nugs are still warm, sprinkle them with kief and let them harden. Right before you want to enjoy them, break them up by hand and toss them in a bowl.

One more way to use kief is for increasing the potency of any weed product.


So, there are many ways to use kief, but snorting it is not the one we recommend.