Also known as crystal or pollen, kief is fine powder found on the leaves of cannabis. The word itself comes from the Arabic language, and it can be translated as “well-being” or “pleasure”. In this powder, a high concentration of the psychoactive chemical (THC) can be found, and this chemical causes the feelings of euphoria which can last for several hours. Depending on the cannabis plant alone, kief can be of high or poor quality.


If you’re wondering how actually to collect kief for further usage, here’s the answer. In fact, there are several options, depending on the amount of kief you need. For greater amounts, you can rub leaves over stainless steel mesh screens or put something under the plant and then shake the branches to gather kief in your container. In this case, a special machine is used for processing. If, however, you need just a small amount, a kief catcher should do the trick. This is a herb grinder which has a special bottom compartment which serves to gather kief. Forget about breaking marijuana just using your hands, as that way, all the kief will just stick to your hands, so the process becomes absurd.

Once you collect enough kief, you can use it, but for what? You can smoke it, whether rolled in a joint or from a bowl. Whichever way you go for, keep in mind that it will burn up quickly, which is why some people mix it with tobacco. Another way to use it is to press it into little bricks, bake them, press again, and then let them cool and dry to make hash, and, again, use it for smoking.


You can also make THC butter or oil and use it for making brownies or cookies. Whatever you choose it for, keep in mind that kief is rather potent, so you’ll need just a small amount.


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