Cannabis oil has been found to be very beneficial for one’s health. While there are people out there that speak against the use of cannabis, many included in their daily diet as a vital and key part in solving various health problems.

Marijuana is legal in many states across the US. Because of that, it is perfectly legal for you to make your very own cannabis oil at home. And if you’ve ever been interested in making your very own DIY-style cannabis oil, then this is the perfect article for you as we will be talking about that. For more details check Palette Market.

We will be giving you more than a single way on how to make it, so make sure to stick to the end of the article. Without wasting too much of your time, let’s start.

What You’ll Need


For those that don’t know, it’s safe to mention that there is more than a single type of oil to make. So because of that, it’s important that we explain the types of cannabis that you’ll be using for the purpose of making the oil.

The three most popular ones include THC, CBD, or a mixture of both. THC and CBD are completely different from one another. THC is a compound that is solely responsible for giving you the feeling of ”high”. CBD, on the other hand, acts very differently than THC.

CBD is currently on every researcher’s mind as the potential medical benefits from it can be groundbreaking. We won’t get too much into explaining what CBD is, but we will explain what uses people have from using CBD oil. CBD or cannabidiol is a compound of marijuana that doesn’t alter the mind in any way shape or form. The compound is perfect for alleviating various conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, joint pain, acne, and is even currently researched to numb the effects of cancer.

Because of this people use CBD on a daily basis and for numerous benefits. If your purpose is to get high, then choose a strain of marijuana that is significantly richer in THC than CBD. If your goal is to do the opposite, then choose a strain with a significantly higher dosage of CBD.

Regardless of what type of strain you will be using, the common ingredients and dosages for both types of oil include the following:

  • 500 – 700 mL of oil ( olive oil or palm oil)
  • 20 – 25 g of cannabis (THC-rich, CBD-rich, or a mixture of both)
  • 5 L of bottled water

Surprisingly, you only need these three ingredients to make cannabis oil. But you’ll need other tools to help out with the process. These tools can be found in around the kitchen and they are:

  • Small pot measuring 1 L
  • Large pot measuring 3 to 5 L
  • A thermometer (preferably kitchen thermometer)
  • Spatula
  • Coffee filter
  • Metal sieve
  • Glass container to store the oil

On top of this, you also need a grinder to grind the cannabis.

The cannabis itself, the strain, is probably the most important ingredient in all of this. You can’t make Indica-rich oil if you’re using Sativa. So naturally, you need to take extra care in choosing the particular strain. With all that said, you need to find a supplier that can provide you with lots of options in terms of strains.

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Recipe Number One


This is the easiest recipe to make out both. However, a disclaimer, this recipe takes weeks to make.

If you have your ingredients and tools in front of you, then the recipe goes as follows:

  • Grab the glass bowl and pour all of the oil inside. Make sure that the bowl matches the amount of oil you will be using
  • Add the entirety of the cannabis inside the bowl
  • Leave the bowl and cannabis somewhere in a dark location to sit for a full week
  • After that, the oil should be ready for consumption
  • In the case of the oil turning out to be too strong, then you need to add more oil and let it sit in the same dark place for a few more days

As we mentioned at the beginning of the recipient, this recipe takes a lot of time to make and not many people have the patience to do it. That’s why a more suitable option would be the following.

Recipe Number Two


This recipe involves much more cooking and is significantly faster to make than the previous one. So, let’s explain it:

· Boiling

The first part of this recipe involves getting the cannabis in a pot and filling it with water. Once the water starts to boil, you’ll need to lower the settings to the lowest possible and leave it there for another extra than 10 minutes. It’s generally advised that you stir every one or two minutes.

· Straining

Once the boiling part is over, then you’ll need to strain the cannabis by putting it in the sieve and waiting for it to drain out without adding any pressure to it. But the process of stranding isn’t over as you need to repeat part one and part two for a total of three times or until the water is clean from the weed.

· Drying

Once you’ve repeated parts one and two for three times, next you’ll need to completely drain the cannabis out of any water. For the purpose of drying, we recommend you place the cannabis on top of a piece of paper since the paper is perfect for absorbing water.

· Adding the oil

Place the cannabis in the small pot and add the olive oil in it.

· Heating

This part is quite subjective and open to interpretation however, experts suggest the following to be the best way of heating cannabis. Namely, grab a large pot, fill it with water, and boil it. Then, grab the pot that you have your oil and cannabis and place it inside the larger pot.


This is done so that the cannabis doesn’t lose all of its properties. This process will last for a few hours and you have to keep a constant temperature of 100°C.

Once this is all over, you need to let it cool off for some time and strain it using a coffee mixer so that you don’t get any small bits of weed inside your oil.

And that’s it, you have successfully made cannabis oil.