If you have just stepped into the world of electronic cigarettes, the best chances are that you will buy ready-made liquids first. However, you will soon hear from a vaper with a little more experience that the most cost-effective option is to make your liquids.

Maybe all that can seem scary to you because you only had a grade of three in chemistry at school, so right at the start you think in the style of “no matter what I’m going to bother with when you have to buy it.” But how to make your liquids is far more profitable than buying ready-made, I advise you to think again. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a chemical expert to make your liquid, as good as the factory one but significantly cheaper.

You can create your e-liquid in a few simple steps. What you need to know before you start preparing is that making vape juice requires a nicotine base, choosing the strength of the liquid, and finally, the aroma. For those who consider it too complicated, there is always an option to buy a final product. Find more on  www.vaporsolo.com. If not, let’s start in order to see what is necessary for preparation.

Master the terminology

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To successfully make your vape juice, you need to be familiar with the basic concepts, or ingredients that you will need.

  • VG – vegetable glycerin (vegetable glycerin). It is directly responsible for the thick cloud that you expel after withdrawing from the electronic cigarette. It has no smell and has a sweet taste. Pretty thick in consistency. Easily available because it is not a dangerous substance and is used in abundance in the pharmacy, cosmetics industry, etc.
  • PG – propylene glycol. One of the two main “culprits” for TH (throat hit – a feeling in the throat similar to when you smoke cigarette smoke). Less consistency than VG but also thick. Odorless and also slightly sweet. Easily available.

Nicotine – another “culprit” for a throat hit. Available in various concentrations (this will be discussed later). Nicotine for electronic cigarettes is mainly obtained from potatoes. It is more difficult to obtain because, unlike PG and VG, nicotine is a dangerous substance and must be handled carefully. But if you know how to use common sense and think before you do something, there will be no problems at all. It is obtained from stores specializing in vape.

Aroma – directly responsible for the pleasant smell you feel in your mouth after withdrawing from an electronic cigarette. Flavors for electronic cigarettes have a specially adapted composition to be safe for inhalation. Flavors used in the food industry (for cakes and the like) are not safe for use in electronic cigarettes. Get fragrances for your liquids exclusively from stores specializing in limes.

Base is crucial

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It’s best to start by trying to make a liquid that looks like one you’ve already tried and like, it’s not bad to inquire about aromas on the forum or with people who have already mixed liquids themselves, but of course keep in mind that we all have different tastes.

The base is the basis of a liquid and consists of several components – propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and water as needed. Propylene is responsible for the strong and sharp taste and throat hit. Those who are bothered by the sharpness of PG, prefer to choose a glycerin (VG) base.

The next step is to add distilled water, and the amount depends on the choice of base – if your choice is PG base, then add 3-20% water, while in VG add a little more (10-20%). In this way, a nicotine-free base is obtained. It is also possible to combine PG and VG base.

In practice, making a base would look like this – if you want to make a liquid with a strength of eg 18mg, you can get it in several ways:

  • By buying a ready-made base standard at 18mg
  • By purchasing a stronger base, eg 36 mg, and diluting it

Choose the right strength for you

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It is recommended that, at least for the first mixes, use ready-to-use nicotine bases! You choose the strength and ratio of PG and VG that suit you, just add the aroma in the recommended concentration, shake well and wait a few days.

It is recommended that, at least for the first mixes, use ready-to-use nicotine bases! You choose the strength and ratio of PG and VG that suit you, just add the aroma in the recommended concentration, shake well and wait a couple of days. If you make a nicotine base yourself and are looking for the right ratio of PG and VG, try in smaller quantities. Some dosing errors are difficult or not corrected at all, it would not be worth ruining an entire bottle of PG, VG or base due to poor evaluation or poor calculation.

Nicotine is a poison that is quickly absorbed through the skin, so avoid direct contact with liquid! If you dilute nicotine bases with a strength of 50 mg or more, it is recommended to use protective gloves.

The aroma as a final touch

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Although after the base and selection of the strength of the vape juice, ie the amount of nicotine, you can start consuming, the aroma is cherry on top. Otherwise, consumption will be tasteless. Flavors are added in small amounts, usually only a few percent.

Experienced people say that the final taste is felt only after a few days of making vape juice because it takes so much aroma to mature and connect with the base. However, it also depends on the taste of the consumer. Some prefer this sharper taste at first, while others prefer a mild taste that only appears after a few days.

Proper fluid storage

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To make sure that your liquid will be exactly as you imagined it, you must store it properly after preparation. This means storing it at room temperature until it is ready for consumption.

We mentioned that the period of dissolving the aroma lasts for several days, and that also depends on the taste you have chosen – tobacco and cream aromas take about 15 days, while the fruit ones are ready in 4-5 days.