Vape pens are more than useful. Once you start using them, life can’t be imagined without them anymore. They’re convenient, easy to store, which gives you plenty of discretion. All of these are reasons why their popularity continues to skyrocket. Among all cannabis-related products, this tops most sales lists. But, while people appreciate them, the focus still remains mostly on the quality of the product being used. Because of this, people tend to neglect the quality of their vape pens.

The main reason is that they’re easily accessible. Today, you can buy them on every corner, and this is why people are sued to changing them, instead of setting for one quality choice. Even a small detail, such as a battery, can have an influence on our vaping sessions. This is precisely why you should never settle for an affordable choice. In this article, we’re going to give you four reasons to avoid buying cheap cannabis vape pens.


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Vaping can be godlike at times. If you’re a consumer, you know what we’re talking about. With a pen by your side, you can have this pleasure wherever and whenever you want. But, an unexpected event can unfold, and right when you were ready to indulge yourself in little vaping, things can go wrong. This will frequently happen if you are relying on a cheap product. Lousy vaping pens can cause numerous issues, and one of them is making your favorite experience less enjoyable.

There are people out there using a cheap product without even knowing. A new pen will work like a charm almost always, but after a few times, it will start to malfunction, and in the worst way possible – it will appear functioning, but without giving you high enough. This is not all; there can even be severe consequences of using a cheap one, as there were cases when they exploded in people’s faces. In best circumstances scenario, they’ll just ruin your dosage if you’re lucky.

Overheating or Underheating

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Vape pen allows you to use your product by heating it up – this is its essence. You are advised to use the cleanest product possible. The ones that are mixed with various substances pose severe health risks. If it happens that your stuff has some additional substance, a cheap pen can make problems for you, in a very serious way.

As our subtitle points out, there are two issues with cheap vape pens – they tend to overheat and underheat a lot. When this happens, it’s not going only to influence your experience, but also the product you’re using. If you don’t heat cannabis products to the level which is needed for maximum effect, you’re not going to get the desired result. If you overheat it, it could burn too many goods; some of it you shouldn’t even inhale in the first place.

Poor Batteries

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Most things that run on any type of battery can malfunction, even explode. The case is the same with vape pens, unfortunately. In the early days of electronic cigars, there were numerous reported cases of them exploding, even causing severe injuries. The trend stopped, and we have fewer and fewer accidents, but they still happen. Vape pens can catch fire, blow up, and much more if they’re not of the right quality. If the battery in your pen is a cheap one, it can catch fire with ease. The cheap lithium-ion once can’t even adapt to weather changes. If you’re outside in cold weather, chances are they’re going to fail you.

A cheap battery can cause so many issues that we can’t even list them all here. In addition to cheap batteries, we also have too many pen users who don’t pay attention to them and are using them well past their expiration date. If you are one of them, please stop. If you recharge them too many times, dendrites will catch on them. When this happens, the chances of them catching fire increases, as dendrites are known, conductors. What’s even worse, they are explosive as kerosene. In the worst-case scenario, when a vape pen battery explodes, it can kill its user if it’s close to the face at the moment of the explosion.


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Little money, little service. This is the norm cheap vape pens give you. They can function appropriately for a while, but longevity isn’t one of their traits. Most cheap ones can only last for a month before one part starts to malfunction. Batteries will usually drop their value first, making it impossible to enjoy your product due to the lack of temperature altogether. This is where people make the biggest mistake; they start overcharging it and only make things worse.

Furthermore, they become probe to bad choices, and get the same model again, or start looking for an even cheaper option believing that all vape pens are the same. It’s like they didn’t hear about and similar websites where you can find quality goods. If you are into vaping, you should look to get your hands on the best cartridges and best pens to maximize your enjoyment.

This shouldn’t be so hard. The market is full of high-quality pens that come with excellent batteries that won’t explode into your face. If you do this, you’ll make your experience better, and the risks will be minimal. If this won’t give you peace of mind, we don’t know what will. You should also know that having one quality pen is a hundred times better than switching between the bad ones now and then. Don’t buy cheap product every month, be smarter than that.

After reading this article, we hope that your entire focus is on how to get your hands on a good quality vape pen. As we mentioned, there are many choices to pick from. Don’t allow that price dictates which pen you use, as this can turn around to bite you real quick.