No matter which plant is being produced, it is essential to get the best seeds possible. By investing in high-quality seeds, you will get plants that are healthy and ready to be used. Good genetics should never be underestimated, and getting the seeds that are auto-flowering will improve the production and cause fewer problems and challenges that may face when trying to breed their own plants. Autoflowering seeds are the ones that are capable of going from vegetative to reproductive state fast after they get to a specific size instead of waiting for specific stimuli such as day length and temperature. The advantages of using the mentioned seed will be laid out below.

1. Vegetation length


As explained above, auto-flowering plants are the ones that are capable of shifting from a vegetation state in which they gain in leaf mass and grow, to the state of reproduction or flowering once they reach a specific size. The size in which they actually get into the state of flowering is, in most cases, lover making the vegetation period length shorter than in the ones that are not labeled as auto-flowering. This is important for the production since shorter vegetation length leads to more harvests during a year that is one of the best advantages. The decrease in the time of vegetation leads to more flowering during a year, and this means more harvests per period.

2. Bigger yield


As explained, these seeds grow out to be plants that have shorter vegetation phases leading to less time between two flowering seasons. Each flowering is important for harvest, so more flowering periods per year will lead to an increase in the overall yield over a year. The life cycle of these plants is such that it will make the plants flower without stimuli after a shorter period of time, meaning that the plant will not invest too much in the production of the leaf mass but rather produce flowers that are essential for every harvest. Here the math is simple. More harvests a bigger yield on the year time period.

3. Easier to be grown


This mentioned type of seeds will produce plants that are essentially less demanding. What does this mean? These plants are not too sensitive and will require less tending compared to the regular plants. As stated, they are not dependent on the amount of the light and/or specific temperature in order to flower, so they do not require this kind of manipulation in order to switch them from the vegetation to the reproduction phase.

4. Lower in size


We have mentioned a few times that these plants do not invest in the leaf mass and are very fast in switching to flowering. This leads to smaller trunks, fewer leaves, and overall smaller plants. This is a very big advantage since the plants are, in most cases, will be significantly shorter than the regular ones that can grow bigger than one meter in height. The reduction in size leads to more plants to be cultivated in a smaller space. It is good to know that the reduction in height does not mean the reduction in the yield, on the opposite, it leads to more flowering periods per year.

5. Resistant to elements


The research has proven that these plants are more resistant to the elements and that they can sustain greater changes in the temperature, humidity, and minerals. This, of course, does not mean that the plants need to be neglected, but it is good to know that they are less prone to be affected by the elements. As breeders know, the ones that are not auto-flowering will need a specific regiment of temperature and a very narrow range in order to induce flowering. Autoflowering plants are resistant to this, and they will not be inhibited by the light or temperature; however, they can be affected if there is too much or too little of some of the factors, so be mindful about this.

6. Light is not a problem


Many plants will need a specific light treatment in order to go from one state to the other. This means that they will grow and make leaves during one light regiment, and then they will make a transition to the flowering stage once the light pattern is changed. In auto-flowering plants, this light dependence is turned off, and they will make flower no matter which light regiment they receive, this, of course, does not mean that they can be left in the dark or in minimal light, but that there is no need in change of the number of hours that the plant is growing in, in order to induce flowering. In addition, they will not be affected by the street light, which is a big plus.

7. Each generation is better


Last but not least is that each generation that is being made is better. As they glow and leave seeds, there are significant improvements in the quality of the produced plants and seeds. This is why it is essential to get quality seeds for the first generation. Genetics is essential in order to produce good quality and healthy plants.

Good seeds can be hard to find since it may take a few months before you can actually see if the seeds are adequate. SeedsMan provides an excellent collection and variety of different seeds that are viable, have high levels of germination, and also offer feminized auto-flowering ones that will be able to make the production and growth easier.


It is essential to pay attention to the seeds that will be used to grow plants you want to breed. Making sure that these are feminized auto-flowering seeds with good genetics will save you from many possible problems and challenges, and increase the number of harvests per year as well as yield. Autoflowering plants are free of inhibition by light and temperature and known to flower without any stimulation, which is one of the best things about them. Additionally, they have reduced size and are less sensitive to the elements, making sure that they are less demanding for growing and breeding.