Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) has been used for centuries due to the many benefits that it provides to its users, including pain relief, opiate addiction treatment, mood-lifting, energizing of body, and stimulation of immune systems among other benefits. While Kratom is still consumed for the same benefits today, many people are experimenting with several varieties of the plant for enhanced effects and other personal reasons. As a result, you are likely to come across a wide range of labels, including enhanced strains, premium quality and super Kratom among others.

For a beginner, differentiating between these strains can be daunting. That’s why it is vital to know a few basics about some of the common strains and how they differ from one another.

As a guide, this post will focus on some of the fundamentals that you need to know about enhanced Kratom strains. Let’s begin by understanding what is it.

What are Enhanced Kratom Strains?

Enhanced Kratom strains refer to strains whose potencies have been improved or intensified by the addition of pure alkaloids.

This means that you only need to consume minimal dosages to experience the effects and side effects that you would have felt if you had taken high dosages. In most cases, these strains are popular among users who have built up significant tolerance to regular strains.

How Are Enhanced Kratom Strains created?


The basic concept of making an Enhanced Kratom strain is to increase the density of alkaloids in leaves by multiple folds. To do this, growers harvest a large amount of Kratom leaves. They then boil 15-25 grams of the leaves for extended periods until they change into a resin, a rock-like substance.

The resin is then allowed to cool and then ground into a fine dust. This dust is often 15 times stronger compared to the typical Kratom powder and it is what many people call Enhanced Kratom.

To make Enhanced Kratom at home, you simply need to mix a good quality extract powder with any type of strain as a base. 75% base powder and 25% extra powder is usually needed to make a good Enhanced Kratom strain. The extract powder can also be a combination of a wide range of strain leaves. If you are just starting, it is advisable to either use a smaller quantity of extract or mix with it with a base powder.

Enhanced Kratom Dosage

Because of its high potency levels, it is important to exercise a lot of caution when taking Enhanced Kratom strains. Here is what Kratom Crazy recommends for beginners:

  • 1gm is often quantified as the threshold dose
  • 3gms is considered to be a moderate dose
  • 3-6 grams is considered a high dose
  • For starters, 1-2 grams is recommended

Common types of Enhanced Kratom Strains


Here are the most common types of Enhanced Kratom strains:

  • Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom: Made by adding about 1500 mg of pure alkaloids to existing Kratom strain. It is associated with intense euphoric sensations and feelings of severe sedation.
  • Enhanced Bali Kratom: This is essentially a refined version of the conventional Bali strain. It is made by adding resin derived from large leaves to natural strain. Common effects of this strain include increased energy and mood levels. Users have also reported that it eliminates stress and enhances personality building and social development.
  • Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom: Created by adding 99 percent of pure Maeng Da alkaloids to natural strains. It is associated with relaxation, stimulation, mood enhancement, psychological, and analgesic effects.
  • Enhanced Red Horned Kratom: This is known in most circles as the slow strain because it takes longer for its effects to be felt. Its effects are also long-lasting and can go up to 8 hours. It is associated with mild to the substantial energy boost, increased mood effects, increased relaxing sensations, increased positive sense of well-being, and reduced anxiety.

Key Takeaway

There you have it; a few basics about Enhanced Kratom strains. As aforementioned, enhanced extract is a good way of intensifying the effects of conventional as well as cutting down on the cost of plain, non-enhanced powder.

While making your enhanced Kratom is often considered as a good way of cutting down the costs of plain Kratom powder even further, it is vital to be cautious when choosing the best extract for you. Carry meticulous research on the types of Kratom veins or blends that are suitable for you by evaluating the kind of effects that you want to experience and the symptoms that you want to alleviate. Then you can choose the best leaf color and balance it by blending different strains appropriately. Additionally, adopt strategies that can help you keep your overall tolerance levels down.