According to national and international laws, cannabis is not considered drugs. The law remains a grey area that most countries are working hard to demystify. This following the legalization of marijuana in numerous countries across Europe and the United States.

It explains why consumers find themselves confused and all over the place in their quest to buy cannabis seeds. Most people know little to nothing regarding the rules and regulations of buying hemp. This, however, doesn’t keep law enforcement officers from taking action should you be caught breaking the law.

So to help you out, here’s a detailed read on where you can buy cannabis seeds online and how you can stay on the right side of the law.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online


With countless vendors present online, it can be hard to choose the right one to supply you with what you need. It helps to conduct background research, read reviews and to contact the vendors before deciding to purchase from them.

You can buy these online and have them shipped as a package to your country. This on condition that it is legal to receive where you live.

You are safer when you prefer to purchase these from a reputable supplier such as A well-known cannabis seeds supplier who invests all their efforts in maintaining a positive reputation. This explains why they only supply you with high-quality products and offer you adequate advice and answers regarding any issues that you may have.

How to Stay Safe when Purchasing Cannabis Seeds Online


To avoid buying substandard items and getting caught on the wrong side of the law, it is necessary to know what measures to take. So here are some useful tips on how to say safe when purchasing online.

Know the Cannabis Laws in your State

Most states permit the purchase of cannabis seeds by consumers. But you can only buy a small amount at ago. Plus, you are not allowed to germinate or cultivate them.

Start Small

Are you a first-time buyer? If so, avoid spending too much money buying these items. To avoid losses it is better to purchase small orders at a time. This gives you a chance to test them and see whether they are the right variety and if they meet your quality standards.

Be Discreet During the Payment Process

Use a business debit card to make your purchase. If using your actual debit card, opt for an external payment processor. This way, you leave no trace of your payment details as the processor is programmed to destroy your information once the payment process is over.
Alternatively, you can pay in cash upon delivery, use cryptocurrency, or request a bank transfer to complete transactions.

Use P.O Box Instead of your Actual Address

Owing to how risky online transactions are, it is never a good idea to forfeit your actual home address as the place where the items will be delivered. While dealing with a reputable supplier lowers the chances of breaching your online safety, you can never be too careful. In this case, a P.O Box registered under your real name will suffice.

Conceal your True Identity

Use abbreviations or a nickname whenever you are purchasing online. Also, create a new email account that you will only use for this purpose. Remember to use a different name for this email. Opt for a shipping option that doesn’t require you to sign upon receiving your package.

Rules and Regulations Regarding the Purchase of Cannabis Seeds


Cannabis seeds do not have the intoxicating properties that most products possess. For this reason, they are not classified as drugs. It is the cannabis products that the law seems to have a problem with. This following the signing of the International narcotic drugs treaty in 1962, which termed cannabis as a drug.

Generally, people buy them to use for general purposes like feeding the birds, boiling the seeds and using them as fish bait or keeping the seeds as collectors’ items or souvenirs. In most states, it is illegal to consume or grow them. Failure to this, you risk getting arrested, fined or prosecuted in court.

There exists state rules that are a tad bit lenient on the sale, purchase, and possession of cannabis seeds. Note that these laws only apply to people within the state. If you’re found in possession of such products while trying to gain entry into another country, you suffer getting arrested, detained or deported.

Some important laws you need to keep in mind when purchasing cannabis include


You are only allowed to possess a limited amount of cannabis seeds at a time
You are not allowed to consume
You cannot germinate or cultivate

If the law enforcement officers find you breaking the law, you risk having to pay heavy fines as punishment for your disobedience. Seeing as you will remain on the authority’s radar for long after that, you may get arrested and charged if caught in possession of excess amounts of cannabis seeds, marijuana or marijuana plants grown from the cannabis seeds you bought. Often if you are a repeat offender, you could face up to 14 years in jail time.

Bottom Line

Online shops are a convenient way to get your seeds sent to your address without so much as moving a finger. Without prior warning and preparation, you may risk exposing important personal information to lurking online bandits out to take advantage of you.

It is, therefore, important to deal with credible suppliers when searching for a place to source seeds. Plus, it’s even more important to furnish yourself with the provisions of the law in your locality. After all, the law will take its course irrespective of whether or not you are aware that you are breaking the law if you get caught.

Exercise vigilance and responsibility as a buyer to make sure you operate and transact safely online and that you abide by the law. With the facts and tips detailed in this comprehensive read, you now better understand where to buy cannabis seeds online and the rules of law surrounding possession and use of cannabis seeds.