Cannabis is something that’s becoming very popular across the entire globe, and if you’ve heard about it even once, chances are that you already know it consists of two main ingredients, CBD and THC. Depending on what kind of a user you are, you’ll probably know more about the one than the other, but even if that’s the case, worry not, we’re here to explain everything that you need to know.

Today we’re mainly focusing on CBD since according to many studies and researches it is the healing ingredient of cannabis, but we’ll say a word or two about the THC as well. Let’s not keep this introduction any longer and dive straight into the content.

What is CBD?

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CBD is the healing ingredient in cannabis, and it is used to treat various conditions. It helps with tons of different things, such as anxiety, depression, back pain, abdominal bloating, sleep disturbance and fatigue levels. There are tons of other conditions that CBD can help you with, but for the sake of this article, we’re not going to list all hundreds of them.

CBD stands short for cannabidiol, and when it comes to natural healing and non-processed remedies, it’s definitely the top 1 ingredient. CBD is becoming more and more popular even amongst people that have never been interested in something like this. People that never tried cannabis before are starting to do researches and ordering CBD products for their symptoms.

These products can come in all shapes and sizes. You can find pure CBD in the form of a honey-like matter, you can buy CBD-infused gummy bears, or you can consume it through brownies or any other form of sweets. There are just so many ways.

When it comes to consuming this cannabinoid, you need to make sure that you are using the right dosage in order to feel the health benefits. If you are a total beginner, chances are that you’ll have no idea what the right dosage is, so feel free to check out what Mydosage App has to offer. People have been using mobile apps for a long time now in order to track their dosages and adjust it according to the benefits they’re seeing. If you are consuming CBD but you are not feeling any benefits, you are probably completely messing up the dosage.

What is THC?

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We said that we’ll say a word or two about THC as well, so let’s keep our promise. THC is the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, and upon consuming it you’re going to feel all of those funny effects that you saw in movies or cartoons before. You will start focusing more on little details, think about funny things and be overall happier and less worried about things. For those who want to feel the benefits of the CBD products, but also have fun while doing it, purchasing a product that includes both of these in it is the right way to do it. Weed brownies, candy or simply smoking are all suitable ways. CBD is legal in all countries, but THC is not, so make sure that you don’t get in trouble.