People around the world have been looking for effective means of ending that terrible, gut-wrenching feeling we get throughout life for thousands of years. Anxiety creeps into our lives in many ways, and for some, this condition can slip out of control and destroy daily routines.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 40 million people suffer from anxiety, while only 36.9% of people seek treatment. Of course, there are degrees of severity when it comes to anxiety, but for those who need help with getting out of the fear anxiety brings, many are faced with controversial prescription drugs.


Whether it be social anxiety, separation anxiety, or even postpartum anxiety, the uncomfortable sensation is not the only impairment brought from stress. Millions will lose sleep, and this can result in insomnia and sleep deprived depression.

Regardless of the situation, anxiety is embedded in human nature. A relatively new health component is being studied further with each passing day, and it’s known and cannabidiol, or CBD.

It’s a component found in hemp and has been shown to work directly with our immune systems via our endocannabinoid systems (ECS). Nearly all living creatures have this as a part of their immune systems and are designed specifically for metabolizing and processing certain cannabinoids. If you’d like to learn more about this system, click here.


Antidepressants are consumed on a massive scale in our country, as such, plenty of news has come out regarding the serious side effects that come along with these medications. But how does our ECS process differently from those medications?

A receptor (5-HT1A) joins CBD induced antidepressant effects, and increased levels of glutamate, which is the reason it has been termed as a fast-acting antidepressant in the medical field (Linge, Jimenez-Sanchez, Campa, Pilar-Cuellar, & Vidal, 2016).

Further research shows that it could reduce onset anxiety triggers, which are typical for people with PTSD. Night terrors being a problem among them, and this as well disturbs sleep. However, CBD has been shown to improve and induce sleep for people who have chronic insomnia, and can prevent night terrors as well as dreaming in general.


Still, the research behind it is growing, and more and more information is found daily. You will find plenty of information on different conditions.

If you are considering trying it, contact your physician first, as it does affect other medications.