People take up vaping for all sorts of reasons. Maybe it is something you have always wanted to try out, or you might be trying to quit cigarette smoking. You have probably read somewhere that vaping is the way to go when you want to get rid of the cigarettes you always purchase and carry around.

You have also probably read that vapes are better for your health and addiction when compared to cigarettes. Vapes might be slightly better than cigarettes, but there are a few things you must keep in mind before you vape for the first time.

Choose what you expect from a new vape.

Before you go shopping for a vape from places likeĀ Cannalyft, to replace your smoking addiction, take a moment to figure out precisely what you hope to replicate with the new device.

What each smoker, who is trying to quit, looks for in a vape will differ. Some might be looking for the feeling nicotine gives them while others desire the taste of tobacco or menthol. Some might even expect a massive cloud of vapour similar to the smoke produced from taking a puff.

Choosing your e-cigarette

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Unlike cigarettes which are use and throw, there are a few things involved in keeping and using a vape. Read through the instructions and details regarding a vape before you purchase it. Prefilled pod vapes are extremely easy to start vaping with. The type of vaping experience that suits each individual will differ. Some of you might be looking for a fantastic massive vapour setting.

In contrast, some want a good flavour and feel while some others might expect their vaping experience to resemble cigarette smoking properly. Starter kits are available for beginners, which you can upgrade once you reach a certain point. Some vapers never find the need to move beyond this beginner kit. It all depends on each individual, their objectives and preferences.

Types of e-cigarette

Pod e-cigarettes are pen-shaped and come with pods instead of a tank. These are usually meant for beginners because of their simplicity. Most pod vapes are automatic and easy to use and handle. They also resemble cigarettes the most and can be stored easily.

These pods are either prefilled with a liquid or given empty. You can fill liquid into the empty pod several times before the quality deteriorates. Then, it is time for a new pod.

Refillable e-cigarettes are the most commonly used ones. They include an atomizer head along with a tank and a battery. These are usually not automatic and requires you to press a button. You can fill whichever vape liquid you prefer into its tank. Refillable vapes have lots of adjustable settings, unlike pod vapes.

Choosing your vaping liquid

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Unlike cigarettes that come with pre-determined levels of substances, you can choose what kind of liquid goes into your vape. You can select the nicotine levels you vape by using a liquid with that specific level. There are several websites that can help you determine the amount of nicotine you would require when you shift to a vape. If you do not smoke too many cigarettes each day, you can get a liquid with lower nicotine content.

Change the nicotine content according to how you feel while vaping. If it isn’t strong enough for you, buy one with a higher nicotine level and vice versa.

Besides the nicotine content levels, you can also choose the flavour of the liquid you vape. Unlike cigarettes, vaping liquids provide you with a wide array of flavours to choose from. Most who are making the shift to e-cigs pick a tobacco or menthol flavour and slowly move to the unconventional ones.

Always make sure that your purchase your liquid from a trusted seller who thoroughly tests his vaping liquids before putting it out on the market.

Start gradually and buy the vaping liquid in small doses until you figure out the right nicotine and flavour combo.

Keeping spare parts at hand

It wouldn’t be great if a piece of your vape stops working when you require a hit. Keeping extra batteries and coils will help in this situation. It will only work if the vape you use comes with removable batteries. If not, you might have to get a new one. Long uses of the coil tend to change the taste of your vape. If the vapours start to taste a bit bitter or off, you might require a coil change.

Start vaping

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Even though you can bring one cigarette after the other to your lips, each of them burns away pretty quickly. Since this is not the case with vapes, you might find yourself vaping for more extended periods. This can even lead to an overdose of nicotine in your system, giving you nicotine headaches.

When you vape, do not do it in a frenzy. Keep things steady and take a few seconds for each hit. For those who are shifting to vaping after being a cigarette smoker, the time you need to vape is typically double the time you smoked. You could also determine the time required by pausing in between hits and asking yourself if you feel the need to smoke. If you feel like you don’t, maybe it is time to give the vape a break.

The size of your hits and how long you hold the vapour in depends on your experiences and preferences. You will get more adept at both as time passes.

If you are unable to stop yourself from vaping regularly, and you believe you might be taking in too much nicotine, you can switch to a vaping liquid that does not contain any nicotine. This would ensure that you can keep vaping or slowly reduce the frequency without too many issues.

Summing up

Always read the instructions thoroughly before you open up your new vaping kit and begin vaping. Once you switch it on, don’t vape right away. Give it a few minutes to start working and using the liquid inside. The vape that you choose differs for each individual, and you must think carefully before you proceed.

First, figure out your expectations with the vape before you purchase one. It is always wiser to get started with a beginner kit and gradually bring down your nicotine levels instead of using a very light liquid the very first time. Vaping comes with its own dangers, so bear those in mind before you make this massive change in your life.