Who doesn’t like waking up in the morning to a sight of beautiful green cannabis plants that are rich with buds? Obviously, everyone does, but you took the next step and finally decided that it is time to grow your own cannabis plant at home, and you want to know everything it takes for your new hobby to be successful.

Sure, at first it might seem like it is a very difficult process, but once you get all the equipment you need and you have enough experience, it will be very easy.

The first thing you will have to do if you want to cultivate cannabis, especially if it is your first time cultivating anything, you have to find the right location.

Don’t worry, you will not have to be building some kind of a grow farm or a laboratory-like you see in the films. As a starter, you will probably need a smaller space like a pantry or a closet.

Baby Steps

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Like everything else in life, you will have to start small to build up some experience and then decide whether cannabis growing is really for you. Not only will it be easier for you to manage fewer plants, but it also will require much less equipment (it’s cheaper) and the mistakes you make in the future will not be so expensive.

Don’t worry, every single person who has started growing has had at least a few plants get sick or die out.

Plan Your Grow Space

When you finally find the right place where you can grow your own cannabis plants, you will have to factor in all the equipment that you need to keep the plants healthy. You will need controllable lighting, proper air ventilation, cutting tools and enough space for you to work on them.

You should also keep in mind that some seeds may tend to grow more than a few feet in size, so if the space you are using is not high enough, the plants might die out eventually.

Clean Everything Before You Start

Another important step to properly growing marijuana is to clean everything before you start. If you do not keep the area you work in sanitized, there is a good chance that your seeds might get contaminated and get a disease that might spread to every single plant you have grown. So, if you want to avoid having to start over from the beginning, get to cleaning.

Temperature is a Factor

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You should also consider the temperature inside of your home and especially the room or space you are going to be growing in. If the grow room is faced towards the east and south, there is a good chance that the temperature and humidity are much higher than other rooms in your home.

High temperature or humidity can damage your plants, so be careful. According to cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk, some seeds may require much lower temperatures than you are used to.

Time to Choose the Lighting

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One of the best ways to get a marijuana plant that delivers rich yields is by giving it proper lighting. It has been proven that it is the number one factor when it comes to the quality and quantity of the yields. So, we recommend that you do not cheap out on this part of the equipment and get yourself a nice setup where you can easily control the lighting levels in your growing space. Here are some of the light types you can use.

  • LED lights

This type of lighting hasn’t been the most popular choice when it comes to cannabis lighting, but these last couple of years, people are realizing that it might be the best choice of all the other lighting options. Yes, they might cost a bit more than an HID light bulb, and it especially feels expensive when you have to get ten of them.

However, LEDs can actually last more than double what incandescent ones can, they cost at least ten times less energy and emit a lot less heat and you can even pick them to shine in any light you want. You could also pick LEDs that offer the full-color spectrum.

  • HID lights

These lights have been used since the beginning of this industry, so if you don’t want to risk it by getting a different type, this is your safest bet. They are also pretty cheap to get, not as efficient as LEDs but still good enough and they can be pretty bright too.

Your Cannabis Will Need Some Fresh Air

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Just like most plants on this planet, your cannabis will need enough carbon dioxide to achieve photosynthesis. In other words, you will have to install some sort of ventilation to your grow room, so you can supply your plants with enough fresh air throughout the day.

The best way to do this without having to spend hundreds of dollars on air ducts is to simply get a fan and place it someplace high in your growing area. This way the fan will circulate the air inside of the space and will help the heated and trapped air to escape.

When buying a fan, you have to consider the size of your room. The bigger the room is, the bigger the fan you will need. Also, if you decide to use HID lights, then you will definitely need a bigger one or at least a couple of them since HIDs produce a lot more heat than LEDs or other types of lighting.

You must ensure that the temperature inside does not go any more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit as it can kill your plants. We advise that you check the temperature requirements when you buy the seeds.

Some may prefer lower temperatures throughout the day while others may need a higher temperature for better yields. Make sure you do enough research before you buy the seeds.

You should also consider getting a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity inside of your grow room which can also help you track the humidity level and temperature.