So right about now everyone is at some length familiar with CBD or Cannabidiol. To simply explain Cannabidiol is 1/113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants and it alone accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. Thanks to many types of research from early 2015s to now we found out that this magical oil is effective in fighting conditions like anxiety, cognition, pain or movement problems.

By now you are aware that you can take this into your system by inhalation, as an aerosol spray or by dripping into the mouth. It is important to say that CBD is not the same as THC in any way and you should also know that it does not include THC. With CBD you get all the health benefits of the hemp but without that THC psychoactive side effect for you.

The benefits of the CBD are incredible, although not all are backed by the governments worldwide. It is unclear why its production legalization as well as supply, buying and using is so slowly paced when its benefits and popularity are so ahead of time. Maybe this will change in the years to come and everyone will finally see its positive effects when treating a specific illness or its usage in smaller doses simply for maintenance of good health. To get your hands on some good quality CBD visit and see what’s offered.

Now let’s see the top 5 CBD products you can buy in 2024!

  1. R+R Medicinals

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For some, this is a beginner CBD and is treated as such, but we believe that it should be treated with care, by beginners especially. This is a potent full-spectrum oil and you can get it unflavored or with a peppermint tincture. It’s brown and the viscosity is pretty decent meaning you will ingest it easily. It has a lot of Hemp extract and the trouble with these potent full-spectrum oils is the fact that they taste terrible.

Combination of a lot of Hemp with its strong flavour and peppermint oil don’t mix well. Some will probably get that oaky and tobacco taste, and to be honest R+R Medicinals warn you about the taste so it’s a plus for them. The best sides of this CBD are the facts that it is natural and its price is phenomenal. The packaging is really interesting as well. It looks like an 18th-century apothecary made it and sold you in the shop just across an old salon.

  1. KOI Naturals

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Here is another solid broad-spectrum CBD product that is slightly different from the R+R product. It has an earthy and raw CBD hemp oil flavor and is made for daily use. The company boasts with its products being made by using American grown hemp and finished in a cGMP certified facility. The packaging is modern and stylish and has a cool feature attached in a form of a childproof cap.

It tastes nice and it has decent viscosity making it easy to ingest. The upsides of KOI CBD is many different tastes and prices. Tastes include Naturals which is unflavored, as well as anything from spearmint taste to strawberry and lemon. Price is on par with other products of this type and it will depend on the potency you chose. One more important information is that this CBD company offers a rewards program and a discount program for veterans.

  1. Lazarus Naturals

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Lazarus Naturals offers another high potent full spectrum CBD tincture with higher contractions. This company produces its hemp and renders the CBD extract, meaning that they alleviate any unknowns with 3rd party hemp suppliers and can manage to offer a lot more controlled product. In the bottle of Lazarus Naturals, you will find organic hempseed oil, hemp extract and coconut oil, all finely blended to give an awesome taste.

This is a Seattle based company that has been since 2014 and another one that supports veterans, disabled and low-income families with up to 60% off if you qualify for the discount. Beside this, its price is really low and for the price, you get a lot. Most people recommend this product as the one best for pain, offering anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that can help you manage them better.

  1. Charlotte’s Web

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Charlotte’s Web has been here for a long time and this company did not start as a company, they started as a mission to help as many people as possible. They are your top dog on the market and with their expertise and product assortment, there is nothing you will lack. Their original formula is made in very small batches and by alcohol extraction which is a very labor-intensive task but thanks to it you get an extraordinary mix of hemp’s most beneficial compounds – cannabinoids and so much more.

They also grow their hemp in the USA and strictly watch over the entire process from field to bottle. This is a full spectrum CBD and it has nice taste and viscosity. It comes in a variety of flavors, but one that is particularly nice and is the olive oil flavor. It is hard to nail this one but these guys did it. Price is OK but keep in mind that it goes down the more you spend or buy larger size bottles.

  1. Try the CBD

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And for the last but not least of the broad-spectrum CBDs it’s the Try the CBD. This one is a Colorado-based company and they offer several different products, or potencies if you like. You can have anything from CBD oil, gummies, capsules, cremes, vapes and so much more.

They have great deals for their products and it is usually “buy two get one 50%” off so that is not bad. Price is more than good without the deal included. You can choose between 7 different potencies and they also boast with all oils being vegan and gluten-free. One more thing to know is that their hemp is Colorado sourced, sadly they don’t grow their controlled raw material.

This list is made for everyone, and there is something for everyone here. Everything here is handpicked and tested and we believe that these products can satisfy everyone’s needs, from flavor to strength and price. Make a pick, there is no way to go wrong with any of these.