If you want to consume cannabis and haven’t tried smoking yet, you are missing out on some fantastic experiences. In fact, its simplicity is what makes it an ideal choice. Having said that, if you don’t do it right, it won’t create the impact you desired in the first place.

To do that, you must have the right gear. By doing so, you extract the maximum benefits from your weed. Further, it will enhance your smoking experience to the next level. This article will provide you with some essential tools that you ought to have if you wish to smoke cannabis. 

Let’s begin!


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If you are thinking of essential cannabis smoking tools, having a good grinder is a must-have. Let’s not forget if you want to have a smooth hit. You need to grind weed into smaller pieces. In a failure to do so, you might make your smoking device full of lumpy uneven weed that you have to keep re-lightning. 

A grinder helps you to increase the surface area, which means you get more herbs to burn. And this further indicates that you have higher and better hits. You will find a diverse range of grinders in the market. 

Storage Containers

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You can’t consume an entire batch of cannabis buds in a single time. That means you need to find a place to store your buds. However, standard storage containers that you have might not be suitable for your herb. After all, there is the risk of developing mold or losing potency, smell, and even taste. 

Just make sure to buy a container that contains a resealable lid. It will allow you to keep your buds away from direct sunlight.  

Multipurpose Tools

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This is like a primary tool for improving your smoking experience. For instance, you can find many accessories that contain scissors to cut strains, a dab spoon, and some exciting features like a flashlight.

Ideally, you must opt for one that helps you with a plethora of activities. You can save time in preparing your weed and use that time to enhance your experience.

Rolling paper

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You can use joints to experience cannabis smoking. And rolling papers are pretty popular nowadays to do just that. You can use many papers to make an extra-long joint and even try artistic joints. For instance, BuyMyWeedOnline offers a variety of rolling papers as per your likings and desires. However, if you are tired of rolling joints on your own, you can also try adding a rolling machine to your list of essentials. 

It will help you form a uniform joint. It is quite a hit amongst rookies as well as pro-cannabis users. 

Slide Dugout

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This is yet another essential cannabis tool. However, people often ignore its existence. If you want to smoke cannabis on the go, this is one of the convenient methods. It is usually made from wood and gives the users access to a sliding lid. In the first hold, you can easily store your one-hitter, and the other hole will help you grind marijuana. So, once you pack the cannabis in it, all you have to do is light it up and smoke whenever you feel like it.

Pipe Screens

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Won’t it bother you if you waste good cannabis buds? Yes, that’s true. Accidents are inevitable. Sometimes in a hurry, you just drop your hash or lose it. But most of the time, it’s when your stash takes another route. But if you have a pipe screen, you can prevent any scooby snacks from entering the chamber or downstem. Thus, reducing the possibility of them shooting your throat.

Walk around with Weed Using an Odor-free Bag

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You can opt for this bag if you want to travel to your favorite destination without worrying about others. Thanks to the legalization, you can find a variety of bags now. For instance, Ziploc baggies will help you hide the smell of your cannabis buds.

In fact, some high-end brands also offer options where the handbags are scent-free, making it one of the most elegant options. 

Hemp Wick

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Lighters are so outdated now. If you look inside today’s tokers’ kits, you will find a hemp string with beeswax. You can light it once. It helps the users keep away from any butane flames. You will find a lot of hemp wicks. It will burn evenly, and the entire experience will be great. Moreover, if you want to have a slower burn, use options with a thicker gauge. 

Cleaning Solution

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If you are using smoking pipes, it would be good if you have a cleaning solution handy. And since most of the pipes are made from glass, having a non-toxic pipe cleaning solution would help you keep things healthy for yourself. 

If you use bongs and glass bowls, you can also find some solutions to clear away resin build-ups. Just make sure not to damage your glass pipes or bowls when cleaning them with the solution. 

Final Words 

Cannabis smoking is one of the traditional methods that has been in use for centuries. However, if you don’t have the right tools, the entire experience of smoking cannabis can turn out to be messy and daunting at the same time. 

Besides the ones mentioned above, you must have brass tools as well. It will help you pack a joint and clear your clogged pipe quickly. You can even opt for some household tools for the same. However, sometimes you need some high-end tools to accentuate the experience further. Also, don’t forget to use a cleaner to keep your bubblers or glass pipes clean. Let’s not forget primary hygiene considerations when using cannabis. And keeping your accessories clean is one of the vital things you must do to avoid any contamination.

Whatever you choose, you must have the toolset handy to improve your smoking experience. After all, you wouldn’t want to wait to consume your favorite strains just because you don’t have the right toolkit. So, get these tools right away and start your cannabis journey right away!