Marijuana has captured the public’s imagination over the last few years. This is thanks to a slew of new laws and regulations around the world that have sought to decriminalize it. While this has given seasoned weed smokers the confidence to come out of the shadows, it has also drawn millions of beginner stoners. 

If you are trying cannabis for the first time or only dabbled with it briefly a long time ago, it can be difficult to know just where to begin. The quality of your smoking experience is closely tied to the accessories you use. To see the broad range of smoking accessories available to you find out more on Atomic Blaze. Here’s a look at the weed accessories you need to kick start your stoner lifestyle.

  • The Grinder

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Just starting to smoke weed? It won’t be long before you discover that crushing the herb can be a real test of patience. Whenever you fail to get it right, it will mar your experience. Few things can be as annoying for a stoner than stumbling onto a pile of uncrushed weed along their joint. It leaves you an unpleasant taste, smelly nails, and sticky fingers. This can make it hard to be discreet if you are trying to hide your weed use from those around you. 

A quality herb grinder is so essential. The grinder does the work with minimal effort and delivers an impeccable, evenly fine grind. It’s cylindrical with two halves separated by razor sharp teeth. Place the weed buds between the halves, rotate them and you have your finely shredded cannabis. Get a metal, acrylic or aluminum grinder as they tend to last longer.

  • Rolling Paper

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Rolling papers are an essential component of smoking weed. The papers comprise thin sheets that encase the substance. But be warned, not all rolling papers are created equal. Since they aren’t expensive, you might want to experiment with different papers before you find one that is to your satisfaction.

Rolling papers are usually made from flax, rice straw, hemp, or wood pulp. Each material has a distinct characteristic that affects the smoking experience. There’s also a variety of flavors to cater to the tastes of different stoners including chocolate and black currant. Rolling papers are available in different sizes that range from regular to extra-large. 

In case you are not keen on rolling joints yourself, you can always buy pre-rolled papers.

  • Lighters

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Any smoker knows how frustrating this scenario is – you are looking forward to lighting up only to find the one thing you need to make that happen is nowhere in sight. Lighters are the most basic smoking accessory. Yet, their small size also means they tend to get lost or misplaced fairly easily. 

They are cheap and so it should be easy to have several of them in the places you expect to light up. That includes your home, car, workplace and just about any other space where you spend a significant amount of your day. There are even small necklace- or key holder-style lighters that ensure you don’t have to worry about leaving your lighter behind. 

Some lighters come as part of a multi-tool contraption that would be quite at home in your car’s glove compartment, office cabinet or home toolbox.

  • Rolling Tray

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When you are rolling a joint, things won’t always be clean and tidy. The process can sometimes  get messy and you could lose some precious herb. If you are going to be rolling your weed, investing in a rolling tray is important. Trays come in numerous sizes and designs that make the rolling process exciting. 

Get a tray that doesn’t just serve the practical purpose of facilitating the rolls but is representative of your personality. A good rolling tray should have a flat surface to make sure the joint rolls smoothly. Some trays come with extra features such as a stash storage. These are good to have, but they are a secondary consideration.

  • Bong

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Bongs are perhaps the oldest smoking accessory there is. There’s a good reason why they have remained relevant for centuries. If you have been considering dumping cigarettes and rolling papers, bongs are your best alternative. The use of water to filter the smoke distinguishes it from the rest.

The smoking sessions are cleaner since many harmful chemicals and by-products are filtered by the water. Each bong has a removable bowl where the herb is held and ignited. A stem attaches it to the water chamber, a percolator, a straight tube and a beaker base. Glass bongs remain the most popular because they provide a mesmerizing, clear view of the smoke forming.

  • Storage Container

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Your weed is precious. It probably cost you money so the last thing you want is to lose it to deteriorating quality. Weed quality is diminished by moisture, dust and other airborne contaminants. Getting a good storage container makes it easier to maintain your weed’s freshness and purity while minimizing loss from accidental spills. 

Choose a sealed, air tight container so your stash remains in the best condition for the longest time. This also prevents the weed smell from permeating the place. A container could be a storage box, tubes, tubs, or bags.

  • Cleaning Tools

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Your smoking accessories can get dirty after repeated use. Clean accessories are a great incentive and make you look forward to the next session. Get quality cleaning brushes and cleaners. The weed tastes better, the smoke is cleaner and the risk of inhaling toxins is diminished.

Dirty tools are unsightly and if you are smoking with friends, this can make them uncomfortable. Worse still, dirt increases the risk of contamination and disease, so it’s imperative that you clean your tools after each session. It might feel like a drag but once you make it a routine, it will be much easier than it sounds. 

While these accessories provide a good starter kit for the beginner stoner, there are many more smoking tools available. Over time, you’ll know what makes your smoking experience memorable and settle on the accessories that will help you do just that.