Cannabis extracts and distillates are becoming increasingly popular due to their uniquely high potency and exceptional benefits. The extraction methods are continuously being improved. Rosin is one form of cannabis concentrate that is now gaining more attention because it is produced without solvents like many other concentrates are. Being the purest cannabis concentrate to exist, rosin is superior to other extracts and concentrates on the market.

What is rosin?

Rosin, also called SHO (solventless hash oil) is a pure cannabis concentrate made without any solvents. What makes rosin unique is that it is the cleanest and purest type of concentrate. Rosin’s is created with no added chemicals; because of that, it is therefore healthier than other extracts as well as safer and quicker to make. Utilizing nothing other than heat and pressure, it is no wonder why it is becoming one of the most sought-after concentrates on the market today.

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How rosin is made

The extraction and distillation method used in manufacturing rosin is a combination of applied heat and pressure. This is typically done with a device called a rosin press. Distillation is the process of heating and separating. In this case, the terpenes are isolated from the plant lipids and chlorophyll and the hydrocarbon is removed. With no residual hydrocarbon, bacteria and mold are neutralized. The terpenes are retained and make the rosin more flavorful. The process is implemented to adequately squeeze out cannabinoids and terpenes from marijuana flower, kief, or hash and transform them into a sap-like substance that is your final product, a full-melt, solventless hash oil.

How rosin is different from other extracts

Most extracts are produced by using some form of chemical solvents such as butane, propane, or alcohol. Even after purging, the products generally still have some residual solvent remaining. This can affect the coloring of the concentrate, most likely resulting in dark, diluted-looking dabs. Rosin is different because it is not extracted using any chemicals at all. Therefore, the final product will be 100% pure. It is a light amber color and looks much cleaner than BHO (butane hash oil) and other types of solvent-extracted substances. Rosin can also have much more potency, flavor, and yield than other extracts that are produced with solvents.

The health benefits of rosin versus other extracts

Since rosin is extracted using zero solvents, it is much healthier to consume than those containing chemicals. Medical patients of all types can greatly benefit from rosin. It has high potency, is fast-acting, and is more flavorful than other medical marijuana consumption methods. Fortunately, it is becoming increasingly easier to buy. You can find solventless products in CBD oil, THC capsules and topicals, vape cartridges, edibles, and more.

How to consume rosin

Rosin is a highly versatile cannabis concentrate. It can be manipulated into varying textures or types of concentrates such as shatter or wax. There are a few different ways you can consume rosin. First, is inhalation. You can dab your rosin. It is essentially wax without the solvent. You will get to experience the full flavor. Another quick and easy way to inhale is vaping it. Just make sure your vape is concentrate-safe. Don’t use it in a dry herb vape as it can damage your vaping device. You could also put some rosin on top of some cannabis flower in a bowl or pipe. The other way to consume rosin is with edibles. You can make your own at home, but you may want to decarboxylate the rosin first to achieve maximum potency. You can also purchase edibles at dispensaries.

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What to look for when buying rosin

More dispensaries are beginning to sell rosin as the demand continues to increase. In fact, some companies like Clsics specialize in it. When looking to buy a high-quality product, there are a few things to keep in mind. Good rosin should have a strong smell, just like the flower it came from. If it does not have much of a smell, it is most likely subpar quality. It should also be a translucent, light amber color and the hue should be consistent throughout. If the substance is dark and opaque, it is no good. The last thing to look for is that there is no remaining plant matter. There should not be any specks or particles of plant matter present if it was made correctly.

Producing rosin at home

There are quite a few rosin tech companies who sell professional equipment called rosin presses. The prices vary widely depending on the quality and scale, but there are many to choose from. It is a very simple and efficient process. The rosin press is so fast and easy to use. It is much safer to produce rosin than BHO, especially if you are not experienced.

If you would rather, you can make rosin at home without a rosin press. Although, you should be very careful if you choose to do so. All you need is a hair straightener, parchment paper, a tool to collect the rosin, and some heat resistant gloves. Just fold the flower in the parchment paper, put it in the straightener, and close it and hold for about 30 seconds. The substance will ooze out of the parchment paper. Once you collect it, it is ready for consumption. Making it at home can be very cost-effective.

When storing your rosin, you should use a silicone container because the substance is very sticky. Glass is not recommended as it is harder to get the rosin out of than silicone. You should also keep your rosin in a relatively cool, dry, dark, place. Generally, light, air, heat, and moisture should be avoided. This will protect the rosin from environmental problems. If you have been curious about trying rosin, now is the time. The final thing to keep in mind is to use rosin with care; it’s a very potent concentrate and should be consumed and stored responsibly.