CBD, itself stands for cannabidiol, which is produced and is formed naturally in all varieties of the cannabis family, including hemp. So the term CBD edibles means a form of cannabis that you can ingest without the psychoactive ingredient, known as THC.

Although cannabidiol is found within all varieties of cannabis. Cannabis itself has over 400 different chemical entities.

It is only within recent years that studies for all different health benefits have proved that the use of CBD products have positive health benefits. Without getting the psychoactive ingredient THC.

You can get CBD edibles in all different forms, it could be in some form of candy or sweet, such as gummy bears, chocolate or maybe as an oil based product.

Generally, CBD edibles come in small to large dosages according to Sunstate Hemp. Of course, you can always up the dosage by yourself if you are not getting the desired effect. Like with all drugs over time your tolerance will increase.

No matter what your preference in terms of favorite candy, chocolate or gummy bear, the best way in which you would administer CBD would be for you to ingest it. Hence the term edible.

It is possible for you to smoke CBD but that comes in either a vape or as an oil. The reason why it would be better for you to ingest CBD is most importantly your health. The second reason is that it has a better and longer lasting effect, which ultimately means it is better from a financial point of view.

Can CBD Edibles be prescribed by a Doctor?

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It depends on which country you are in terms of legalities. However, cannabis itself has been decriminalized in over 50 countries worldwide. At this moment in time. Many forms of CBD products are available for you to purchase but you cannot obtain via a prescription.

Although it is possible to get a medical marijuana card in some parts of the world, this includes any form of marijuana product including CBD. In order to obtain this card you would have to get a recommendation for a medical marijuana card from either your doctor or your physician.

It would be perfectly legal and you would not get into any kind of legal trouble. Although cannabis and CBD are different. There are certain shops and outlets that will need a special license in order to sell both CBD products and cannabis products. It is no different to having a license to sell alcohol or cigarettes.

CBD products are more available and more popular than cannabis products. This is due to the fact that CBD does not contain the psychoactive ingredient THC. Which makes it easier to sell legally as it is for a medical use rather than to get you high.

Is There an Age Restriction in Taking CBD

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Again it does depend on where you are in the world. Some vendors and outlets will only sell to you if you are over 18 or 21. This is mainly to do with the fact that a lot of the time CBD products are smoked. In a lot of countries the smoking age is either 18 or 21.So if a vendor was to sell to someone under age they would be breaking the law.

CBD edibles on the other hand have no age restrictions. You could give your child some form of CBD edible. But again only if advised to by the correct authority such as a doctor or psychologist.

Although cannabis has been used throughout centuries not only to get high but used within certain religions and cultures such as Rastaferism. So you could argue that as CBD is actually a form of cannabis and has already been used as a natural healing drug there would be no issues using CBD products.

Although over the years there has been strong evidence to suggest that different strains of cannabis has been the cause of serious mental health issues. Bearing in mind that is with THC cannabis

However CBD is a different drug within itself. For this reason there is no research into how long term use may affect you in later years.

Who Benefits From Taking CBD Edibles?

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If all medication that was given to you by doctors and hospitals failed to work, then it would make sense for you to try CBD products. Even if they were not for you it would be worth trying as CBD products are becoming more widely available and are being used to treat all kinds of illnesses.

You may already have friends and family who already use CBD products. But from the little research and from what is already known about CBD products, they can help you with many different aspects of health conditions.

Chronic pain relief, sleeping disorders such as insomnia and maybe one of the harshest illnesses that CBD is being praised for not only the relief of epilepsy, but it could potentially stop you from ever having a seizure ever again. 

Is it Possible to Get Addicted to CBD Edibles?

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IF you were to suffer from intense epilepsy syndromes and there was a medication that could potentially stop you from having seizures. Would it matter to you that you were addicted to a potential lifesaving drug?

Addiction can cause all kinds of nasty side effects, especially when it comes to certain pharmaceutical painkillers. So far there has been no evidence to suggest that it is not possible for you to get addicted to CBD edibles.

Smoking CBD oil on the other hand, can help you with your anxiety but there may be some withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms would be very similar to nicotine withdrawal, irritability and dizziness.

All though there are, with all drugs, a very fine line between you needing a drug, and wanting a drug. The reason why you want or need that drug in the first instance. If you are unsure about any kind of drug or illness then it is always best you seek professional medical attention.