The biggest concern about attending casino events or even going for a casual late blackjack game is the inevitability to smoke weed whilst gambling. According to an article written by the BBC. The biggest plus point was that it significantly increased the enjoyment factor, and even though some players had a loss threshold, it didn’t affect their enjoyment factor, one guy mentioned it made the taste of success even sweeter. After reading this most will think, the next time I go to the casino, I will go play poker making sure to inhale enough cannabis before winning the big bucks. Before you jump to conclusions let’s look at some of the positives and negatives about cannabis and how this relates to gambling while under the influence.

The effects of cannabis

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Let’s first look at the list of effects cannabis has on people. Very important to note that it affects people differently these are effects most commonly identified by avid users. They include laughter, quiet and reflective mood it helps some users relax according to what type of strain they use,  increased hearing some places are too loud for some marijuana users, your eyes turned red and colour and other sensations are different in some cases and mild confusion. The most commonly mentioned factor for why people use marijuana is the feel-good factor it offers, can this feel good factor influence our abilities on the poker table? Let’s investigate further!

The positives of gambling while high

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As most avid smokers will know, some strains in recent studies have shown that the consumption of marijuana increases focus, especially most sativa strains and some hybrid stains have shown signs of users to work on a higher cognitive level . Regular gamblers at places like LVBet have lots of tricks and tips they use these techniques to acquire the upper hand in some card games, counting cards are among the most popular tricks they use. The chance of you finding a marijuana strain that will help you to find the mental clarity to succeed in your attempts to bluff or have the mental capacity to outplay your counterparts, with the variety of marijuana strains out there, I’m pretty sure you can find a strain that fits your needs.

The most popular strain if you are looking to relax or find some inner clarity is Indica strains they have shown that they succeed in relaxing the consumer physically and mentally, almost a 2 for 1 special. In some cases people who gamble are often stressed or have increasingly bad thoughts whilst gambling, a rational indica that helps with keeping your mind clear could be a fantastic way to ease tension in your body and help with mental clarity. With regards to consuming alcohol, it has been known to give you a boost of confidence, which is good in certain social situations, whilst with regards to maybe calling it a night and accepting your losses and going home, marijuana will help you make the better decisions and in some cases even help you break even.

With regards to using marijuana, it has also shown to release some anxiety in regards to social situations and enjoying winning exponentially. Some consumers have also said that it helps them to be more conservative with their bets and the hands they play which prolongs the night, and increases the enjoyment level. With the emergence of online casinos and the ability to smoke whilst gambling, this will suit players who like to sit at home and relax whilst being high.

Negatives of gambling while high

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Finding the right serving size is very important if you want to visit a casino and prolong the night. The miscalculating of the right serving size can influence your whole night. From using too little marijuana could mean that you don’t feel anything, and you can easily fall into playing rather aggressively, whilst the main reason you wanted to use marijuana whilst gambling was to reduce the risk of overspending. This also applies to overconsumption, side effects include anxiety, dry mouth and paranoia which can seriously hamper your evening.

If you are a consumer who likes overconsumption you should rather consider playing at online casinos, where all of these consequences can easily be resolved. Inexperienced marijuana consumers will more likely choose the wrong strain the first time they attempt to go gambling whilst under the influence of marijuana. Be sure to consult a friend you trust or someone that is an avid consumer of herb to ensure positive results.

Mixing alcohol can vary the results you have depending on how much marijuana or alcohol you consume. It can further exaggerate the euphoric effect, or it can entirely deplete it, which completely shuts out the reason for using marijuana to gamble. In most cases it’s impossible to tell that you have or are using marijuana, there are now physical side effects, except one in some cases you might have to wear sunglasses so hide your red eyes. Other solutions include the trusty eye drops, if you’re one of those people that don’t really care if people know you are under the influence of marijuana, this consequence does not apply.

In conclusion

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The safest way to ensure this strategy works is to test it beforehand. Play around with certain amounts of herb in order to make sure you find the ideal amount, as mentioned before marijuana affects people differently. Also dabble with the right amount of sleep and also the ideal diet, if you are a drinker find a safe way to ensure you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

It has been proven that some smokers especially people that have been smoking marijuana can benefit more than maybe the occasional smoker. The reason being experienced smokers are well versed with the effects that certain strains offer. Using herb in a productive way is the future, with many countries making the consumption of marijuana legal, the future looks bright for smokers, and with ever growing research, I won’t be surprised if smoking a marijuana joint will become any different then smoking cigarettes.