The good news for all of us is that medicine is significantly improving every day. We often get some new inventions in this field that can solve different health problems. However, certain topics associated with the field were controversial for a long period. That especially counts when we talk about marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. 

You will still manage to hear people saying that marijuana is nothing more than a narcotic. Fortunately, the number of people that have that sort of opinion is not big. The only reason why they think that way is a lack of information. You must research the current topic before making certain conclusions. 

Can Everyone Order Marijuana Edibles?

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Marijuana edibles became available to everyone. Of course, that counts for the people that live in the countries where marijuana is legalized. Many web shops like are offering their products online. You only need to have a stable Wi-Fi and a smart device to order them. It is crucial to find the best possible supplier that will offer you good quality products. Only with them, you will manage to get all the benefits that marijuana edibles can bring to your life. 

However, when you find an edible, your task does not end there. You also need to know how to dose and ingest properly marijuana edibles. That is one of the confusing parts that most people don’t understand quite well. Because of that, we are sure you would like to get some clear explanations. 

Before Everything: How Edibles Influence Your Body?

We can divide the entire process into three different stages. Logically, the edibles primarily enter the body. You add them to your organism by eating them. When you do that, your body will absorb them through digestion and stomach. After the digestion process ends, your lovely liver metabolizes everything you entered. The THC that you absorbed starts to circulate through your heart and goes to your brain. 

Believe it or not, that’s it. After THC reaches your brain, its influence on your body starts. However, it is hard to say how long the process will take because many factors can influence that. For instance, your overall health, weight, and usage are some of the main factors. In some cases, it might happen that process will start after 45 minutes. On the other hand, some people will need to wait for 3 hours for the effect to start. 

Edibles Are Made In Different Ways

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The creators of marijuana edibles use different methods and ingredients to create their products. Whichever method they use, be sure they will directly impact the onset time, duration of effect, and product itself. Because of that, it is recommendable to find out these three things before ordering a product. 

At first glance, making different marijuana edibles might seem like pure science. Because of that, we would like to make things a bit clearer. Some companies prefer to make them with cannabis distillate. More precisely, they would use flavorless and odorless oils to get the final product. On the other hand, you will manage to find products made of cannabinoid crystals. Companies use butter or oil to add them to the edible. 

As we said, it is crucial to discover the method and ingredients that companies use. That can tell you a lot about the effect and dose that you can get. 

The Perfect Dose for Marijuana Edibles

Here comes the main part when we talk about marijuana edibles. There is one thing that you need to know before everything. The potency of cannabis flower or concentrate and marijuana edible is measured differently. Different edibles contain different amounts of cannabinoids. Each company that produces these types of products will measure them with milligrams. You will always manage to see how much milligrams of CBD and THC each edible you pick has. 

It would be good to use a real-life example to make things easier for you. Let’s imagine that you got a bar of chocolate that contains 50 milligrams of THC. Despite that, let’s say that you want to consume 5 milligrams of THC. In that case, you should split the chocolate into 10 different pieces. 

Finding the right dose is another tough thing that you will face sooner or later. It is recommendable that all beginners start with smaller doses. For instance, the perfect those for first-time consumers should be between 1 and 5 milligrams of THC. If you are an intermediate user, consuming up to 20mg of THC daily will be enough for you. When we talk about experienced consumers, more than 20mg of THC is going to be completely safe for them.

The message we have for the beginners is to start small. There is no need to start with bigger doses. It might happen that they will not be satisfied with the effect they get. Despite that, you should also know that edibles with a high amount of CBD won’t make you high. The influence of CBD is different and it can bring some other benefits that THC can’t. We also recommend you research that subject and get completely familiar with the differences between these two compounds. 

How Long the Effect Will Last?

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Giving a precise answer is impossible once again because it depends on different factors. The factors that we previously mentioned also directly influence the duration of the edibles. In some cases, the duration might last for around 4 hours. If the bigger dose enters your body, the duration can potentially last for 6 hours. 


Before we say “goodbye” to each other, there is one thing we have to say. Beginners usually make a common mistake. They ask the more experienced consumers to recommend them the right dose. However, no one can give you the perfect answer to the question you have. Each individual on this planet has a different metabolism. Because of that, it is crucial to listen to your organism and understand what it wants to tell you. The perfect dose is the one that makes you feel calm and nice. If the effect is not strong, that means you need to change the dose. 

Despite that, you must be patient. All the marijuana edibles taste good, but the effect won’t start immediately after they enter your body. As we said, you might need to wait three hours for the process to start