Nevada is one of the best havens for people who love recreational cannabis. Being one of the most progressive states in America makes it a haven for recreational users. 

The state itself is full of open-minded people who see the benefits of marijuana, and it’s not stopping any time soon.

If you’re looking to visit or stay in Vegas or Nevada in general, you ought to learn the ins and outs of the local laws.

In this guide, we give you the low down on recreational marijuana. What are the places to smoke cannabis in the state? What kind of recreational dispensary Las Vegas has?

From possession to consumption, growth and even penalties, here’s what you need.

Possession and Consumption of Marijuana in Nevada

You’d be happy to know that you can get marijuana for recreational use in Nevada in general. Since 2017, the state relaxed its recreational marijuana laws to open its doors to easy sales and consumption. The cops won’t hassle you even if you don’t have a medical license.

Even then, there are some crucial details in the possession and consumption of recreational marijuana.


What limits every recreational dispensary Las Vegas has? 

By law, anyone ages 21 and above is legal to buy cannabis in Nevada for recreational use. All you need to bring is any government issue ID, which includes your driver’s license, passport, or ID. All you need to make sure is that the ID is not under suspension, expired, and scannable.

If you’re looking at a recreational dispensary Las Vegas has, you’ll notice that there are limits to the cannabis content you can find. Depending on the dispensary, users will find a less variety of it available. 

You also have a limit of 1 oz. of marijuana per dispensary per day. For concentrates like oils and wax, the limit is 1/8 oz. of cannabis. You can possess as much as you want, so you can buy 1 oz. from a dispensary and move to one across with no problem.

As for edibles, recreational users can buy them with no more than 100 mg of marijuana per pack, or 10mg per serving. 

Where to Legally Smoke Cannabis? 


You are allowed, by law, to smoke cannabis anywhere private where the establishment allows it. That means that if you’re at home or on private property, it’s ok to consume some recreational marijuana.

However, you can’t smoke weed in public places, on Federal land, and in your car. Since cannabis can have psychoactive effects, smoking it in public spaces can be detrimental to health and safety. Secondhand smoke is a problem, and it still carries the same carcinogens as cigarettes.

The best places to smoke cannabis is inside your home or a buddy’s home. You want to be with someone once the buzz hits to prevent any adverse problems while baked.

You may also want to visit safe cannabis smoking places where they allow you to do it alone or with friends.

Cannabis Cultivation Laws and Penalties


As for growing marijuana, there are firm limits and penalties to the excess growth of cannabis at home. For example, marijuana cultivation in Nevada allows only up to 6 plants if they are 25 miles from the nearest dispensary. Every household only has an allowable 12 plant allowance.

Growing more than a dozen hemp plants is a felony and can get you some probation or jail time. As a defense, people will deny knowledge of growing it in their property. They will even say that they are too ill to go to dispensaries if they have medical licenses.

If you grow over 50 pounds or more of cannabis in your home, that becomes a problem. It opens you up to drug trafficking charges and consequent jail time.

Looking for places to smoke cannabis? You can check out There are miles of the strip that dedicate itself to the enjoyment of the product. If you want to enjoy some recreational cannabis, learn the local laws and what you can and can’t do.

It’s vital to check what you can do to make sure you stay out of trouble. Enjoy!