Prices and Brands

If you do not like smoking or vaping cannabis there is another way you can feel the effects of the herbs. Methods of consumption are numerous and you can eat gummy bears, brownies, candies, or try infused water. The cannabutter machines are getting more and more popular as the legalization hits more states.

For everyone is a challenge to find perfect sort of candy or pastry with the right dosage of the herbs, especially if you have a special diet. Those are all reason why so many people make their own sweets and candies with cannabis at home. It is much easier than you think.

Few things that you might know before making your own cannabis brownie is that cannabis is fat-soluble, that means you must use the fat-based product for your DIY, like butter or coconut oil because it is the only way to extract the THC from cannabis.


If you want to make weed sweet you must make a cannabutter first in your kitchen. It can be done with pots and pans in your kitchen but we recommend buying a machine specially designed for this. In 10 minutes with the push of the few buttons, you will get a fine, herbal butter.

In the article down below you can read about the best machines on the market today that will help you to make cannabutter.

Magical Butter

This is a perfect name for this cannabutter, and this is the top machine if you are planning to buy cannabutter and make your own cannabis edibles. The machine is part blender, part digital thermostat, and heating unit. The design is perfect, and you can put it with your other household in the kitchen. With this machine, you can make cannabutter, oils, lotions, grain alcohols, and others.

With this machine, you can also make any herb oil you want, if you like the smell of rosemary, or lavender, just make oil. This product is a great gift for someone who is interested in herb and have a garden.


For making cannabutter you will need 2 hours of infusion time, 8 sticks of butter, and two ounces of ground up cannabis. If you like just add soy lecithin to increase potency, and with this machine, you will get a recipe book.

The main features of cannabutter machines are fully automatic, made of stainless steel, have integrated digital thermostat, makes 2-5 cups per cycle, and has a self-cleaning method. Cannabutter machine costs $174.95, and for that money, you will get besides the machine, LoveGlove, filter, cookbook, manual, and power cord.

Easy Butter Maker

if you think it is too much to invest $200 in the Cannabutter machine, you can buy the Easy Butter Maker. This is a smaller version of the Magic Butter Machine and works like a crock pot. It looks like the French press, and you can make cannabutter with only one stick of butter, or two sticks. The whole process lasts for 10 minutes, and it can be used with coconut oils with herbs for making cannamilk. When you make a cannamilk you can make recipes that have a milk base.


The Easy Butter Maker is much cheaper than the Magic Maker, and it costs $49.95 for a 1-stick size or $69.95 for the two-stick butter maker. When you buy this device you will get a detailed manual user and a book with recipes. In the Easy Butter Maker shop, you can also buy accessories like butter bags, pot leaf-shaped baking pans, and butter molds.

What are the benefits of edibles?

The main benefit of edibles is that you are being discreet because in public you can eat your brownie, and no one will ever know what is inside of it. When you are eating products of cannabis the effects will last much longer than you are smoking because the stomach takes longer to digest cannabis. If you have some kind of respiratory illness, the edibles are a perfect solution for you because smoking is not recommended.