Cannabidiol (CBD), especially as an oil, is creating a buzz as an all-natural health and wellness regimen. Several studies have shown its efficacy in treating symptoms of various medical conditions. It has sparked renewed interest and even spawned an industry by itself. Why is it considered nature’s new wonder?

Here’s a quick and simple run-down on everything about CBD oil.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is the liquid extracted from the buds of the cannabis plant, which is then combined with coconut or hemp seed oil. It contains cannabidiol, which is one of the many known cannabinoids or naturally-occurring compounds endemic to cannabis. Compared to the more popular Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is known to produce a psychoactive or “high” effect, CBD only acts to help the body manage stress and pain levels, regulate sleep, and maintain inner balance.

CBD oil works both as a health and wellness supplement. Several studies have shown its effectiveness in managing the symptoms of various mental, muscular, and skin ailments. As a wellness supplement, it serves to ensure a balanced body process. Thus, it can be taken to relieve chronic pain or anxiety, treat acne, relieve stress, improve mental function, and may even alleviate cancer symptoms.

Extracting CBD

CBD is derived from the hemp plant using either an oil or alcohol-based compound. As defined by, hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant that’s used when extracting CBD oil as it contains low THC and is considered legal in the United States.

Traditional methods of creating CBD oil include soaking flowers in ethanol and using hydrocarbon solvents (butane, hexane, and propane along with its mixtures), but these may pose health and fire hazards. Home-based extraction is also possible by steeping cannabis plant and leaves in olive oil, avocado, coconut, MCT (medium-chain triglyceride), and hemp seed oil. Commercial extraction of CBD uses supercritical carbon dioxide and is considered the safest and cleanest way to obtain the oil.

Forms of CBD

CBD oils can be classified into three, based on the amounts of cannabinoids it contains:

  • Full-spectrum: This contains CBD, THC (0.3%), other cannabinoids, and terpenes (natural-scent compounds), which are all combined to produce the so-called ‘entourage effect.’
  • Broad-spectrum: This contains CBD and other cannabinoids, except for THC. This form of CBD also produces the entourage effect and may indicate a false positive in a drug test.
  • Isolate CBD: This is the purest form of cannabidiol as all other compounds have been removed in the extraction process. Similar to full- and broad-spectrum CBD oils, isolate CBD can be used in various ways.
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Where to Buy

Isolate, broad, and full-spectrum CBD oil, along with its byproducts (edibles, drinks, soft gels and capsules, lotions, gels, creams, and relief patches) may be purchased in dispensaries or online stores.

When buying CBD oils and related products, make sure to look for hemp that’s cultivated in the US, produced by clean extraction methods, certified by an independent laboratory for THC levels (shouldn’t go beyond 0.3%), and undergone product testing. This information can be found in the labels or readily supplied by the manufacturer’s website. You can also do further research to ensure that what you intend to use is organic and contains low or no levels of THC.

What CBD oil works for you

As mentioned, CBD oils can function both as a health and wellness supplement. As a health supplement, it may alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, and cancer.  For overall wellness, CBD may be used to ensure that your body’s processes are well-balanced.

Consuming CBD oil is largely based on your intended use and how long you want its effects to last. There are four common ways of consuming CBD oil: inhalation, ingestion, topical, and sublingual application.

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  • Vaping is done with the use of a vaporizer and a vaping pen infused with CBD oil.  Inhaling CBD through vape is seen as the most effective as it provides instant effects.  However, vaping entails the use of paraphernalia and may not be suited to most lifestyles.
  • Ingestion is perhaps one of the more favorable means of consuming CBD. This can come in the form of gel capsules that contain full- or broad-spectrum oil formulations or as isolates used as an ingredient in food and drink.
  • Gummies, brownies, cookies, and CBD-infused drinks tend to be more popular as it doesn’t have the earthy taste of the oil. The only downside of ingesting is that it takes time before it’s absorbed by the body as it first passes through the digestive tract before entering the bloodstream.
  • Topical applications tend to hasten the absorption of CBD as it’s directly absorbed by the skin.  Lotions, gels, creams, and skin patches are examples of CBD topicals that may relieve pain.
  • Sublingual application entails dropping a desired amount of oil under your tongue and holding it for about thirty seconds before swallowing. This is more effective than ingestion since it’s readily absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream, bringing instantaneous relief.

There are many ways of consuming CBD oil solely or in combination with food and drinks but it must be done within recommended dosages.

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Low and Slow

As in any case of medication or health supplement, it’s always best to consult medical advice before taking CBD oil. For first-time consumers of CBD oil, experts advise to ‘go low and slow.’ Start by taking 5 mg a day and then see its effect on your body. Since CBD oil is natural and there are hardly any side effects, you can continue to increase the dosage to relieve the pain and symptoms that you feel.

Depending on the illness you want to treat, the recommended doses are:

  • 300-600mg for low-level pain and discomfort, stress, and minor sleep issues
  • 1200-2400mg for pain relief from arthritis, chronic pain, PTSD, MS, fibromyalgia, and other serious conditions.


CBD in oil and its derivatives can be seen as a welcome alternative to alleviating pains and symptoms of various illnesses and also as a health supplement. Its different consumable forms make it easy to incorporate into any lifestyle and its effects are all-natural. Indeed, CBD is nature’s new wonder.