With more individuals appreciating the many benefits of CBD, the use of this non-psychoactive product has continued to be the subject of discussion throughout the globe in recent years. As a result, different CBD products, including CBD oils, tinctures, and edibles, are available for purchase, which might be confusing if you’re still a new consumer. In addition to the already mentioned CBD products, you also have CBD isolate, which differs from the others as it comes in a powder, and crystalline form.

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What Are CBD Isolates?

Just as the name suggests, CBD isolates are CBD that has been separated from every other compound found in the cannabis plant. This means that every other compound found on the hemp plant, including other cannabinoids, oils, plant waxes, chlorophyll, and minor cannabinoids, are removed. As a result, the flavor and smell generally associated with hemp are already gone, leaving behind a crystalline of white powder that’s 99.9% pure CBD. This purity reaches this level due to the tiny amounts of terpenes that remain after the extraction process.

The use of CBD isolate has become widespread globally because many consider it an excellent alternative treatment. Because it’s tasteless and adaptable, many people have opted to include it in their health and wellness regimes.

How Should You Use CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate plays a vital role in improving your overall wellness. However, what are the best ways to use it? This is a question many users ask themselves.

Here are some of the popular methods when incorporating CBD isolate into your diet.

1. Add It To Foods and Edibles

Like every other cannabidiol, CBD is fat-soluble, which means that it mixes into any fatty substance, such as oil. Therefore, you can add your CBD isolate in different edible food products containing ingredients such as cooking oil, coconut milk, and butter. It can also be added by sprinkling or as ‘seasoning’ in all types of meals, so it all depends on your preference.

Some of the popular dishes you should consider adding isolate include muffins, honey, salad dressing, gummies, cookies, candies, and brownies.

2. Place The CBD Isolate Under Your Tongue

If you want the CBD isolate to be quickly absorbed into your bloodstream, placing it under your tongue is an effective way of taking the isolate. It only takes around 60 to 90 seconds for the isolate to dissolve.

This method is also ideal as it helps avoid any adverse effects on your liver and first-pass metabolism. If you’re a new consumer of the isolate, this is the most straightforward and simplest way of incorporating it into your regime.

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3. Ingesting the CBD Isolate

Another way you can take CBD isolate is by accurately measuring the right dosage and putting it in pills or capsules that you’ll swallow. Moreover, creating CBD-infused drinks and foods is an excellent way of mixing the isolate with different ingredients.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that CBD has low oral bioavailability. As a result, the gastrointestinal tract doesn’t absorb it properly. That’s why it’s important to add the isolate to carrier oils, like MCT oils, to increase its bioavailability, increasing its likelihood of passing through the gastrointestinal system and into your bloodstream.

4. Mix It Into Your Smoothie or Morning Juice

Starting the day well is crucial if you want to remain productive. A healthy way to boost your energy levels is by adding CBD isolate into your glass of smoothie or juice.

This is a simple way to incorporate CBD into your routine since the isolate mixes seamlessly with these liquids.

5. Rub The CBD Isolate On Your Skin

CBD usually has pain-relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, you can add your CBD isolate to your face or body and rub it onto your skin. Since this method is simple, you should consider this when you’re fairly new to using CBD isolate.

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6. Make Your Own CBD Sweetener

If you’re a cooking enthusiast and love experimenting in the kitchen, why not try making your own CBD sweetener using the CBD isolate.

You can do this by adding the CBD isolate to the syrup, then drizzle it over French toast, pancakes, and waffles. Stirring it into stevia and blending it with your local organic honey is also another great option.

7. Vape The CBD Isolate

The vaporization point of CBD isolate is between 180 to 200 degrees, so you can also decide to vape your CBD isolate. Other options available include turning the CBD isolate into an inhalable vapor.

With a vape pen or water bubbler, you can vape or ‘dab’ CBD isolate and inhale it as pure CBD vapor. If you wish to boost the isolate’s CBD levels, adding it to vape concentrates, like CBD vape liquid, is also a great alternative.

Vaping CBD is an effective way to get it into your bloodstream quickly, instead of passing through your liver and digestive tract. However, it’s important to note that CBD isolate tinctures and CBD isolate liquid can’t be used on vaporizers as they aren’t compatible.

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8. Add CBD Isolate in Tea or Coffee

Adding CBD isolate to your cup of hot tea is also one way to enjoy the numerous benefits of CBD.

You can also add the isolate into your coffee and get the much-needed energy boost to carry out your day’s activities.

9. Make CBD Capsules

The steps to follow when making CBD capsules from CBD isolate are relatively straightforward.

All you need when making the tablets are a few veggie caps that can be bought online or from a local health food store. You should also use MCT oil since it acts as an excellent carrier for CBD-based products that are meant to be swallowed. Consequently, open the capsules and add the mixture containing the CBD isolate and oil.

The ideal concentration per pill should be 10 to 25 mg.


In recent years, the use of CBD isolate has become widespread across the globe. If you’re looking to incorporate CBD into your daily regime, reading this detailed article has given you insights on how best to use CBD isolates.