With the nationwide legalization of cannabis in Canada, the herb’s popularity is skyrocketing every passing day. However, people always associated cannabis with smoking a joint or using a bowl. I am sure even you must be picturizing a scene of a lazy stoner inhaling a short few puffs.

While there are no qualms about smoking, users are trying new and innovative ways to ditch the traditional way of consuming cannabis. As a result, dabbing and vaping are becoming trend changers in this space.

You can vaporize cannabis using either option and experience the goodness and a plethora of benefits of marijuana. Having said that, when there are two options available in the market, it will naturally result in a debate over “Should you choose to dab or vape?”

In this article, you’ll get a thorough understanding of both the ways and how they can benefit you. So, let’s begin!

Let’s Start With the Basics- Dabbing and Vaping: What is it?

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If you are beginning your cannabis journey, don’t feel weird if you find both of these options confusing. But you can end your confusion right here. So, to begin with, dabbing is about inhaling the cannabis vapors using a dab rig. In this, ideally, you use a marijuana concentrate and place it over the rig to enjoy the cannabinoid enriched smoke.

On the contrary, vaping is about heating the concentrate to a temperature that converts liquid into vapor. While you will find many means to vape your cannabis concentrate, we will stick to a vape pen in this post.

But what’s the difference since the method of consumption is inhalation? Well! It’s the heating mechanism that’s the primary difference between the two options.

By this, we mean that using a dab rig, you heat a titanium nail and convert the concentrate into a vapor. However, with vaping, you use an electric heating coil that heats the air instead of the e-liquid.

To learn more about the differences, let’s understand more about the type of heating used in both options.

  • Conductive Heating: Dag rigs used this type of heating. Here you heat the material directly. But it exposes the cannabis material to higher temperatures that result in combustion.
  • Convective Heating: Vape pens use this method of heating to vaporize the concentrates. In this method, the focus is to increase the temperature of the air and use that to heat the concentrate. Thus, it does not affect the plant material at all.

Vaping vs. Dabbing- Which is Better?

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Ideally, a vape pen is very convenient and portable, which you can bring or carry with you without any hassles. However, that’s not the case with a dab rig. But if you take into account THC per hit, dabbing will take the lead.

However, that’s the only benefit that you avail of using a dab rig. Since vaping provides its users’ control over the temperature settings, you can quickly get the desired flavor and vapor of your choice.

But are the two options limited to these benefits alone? Not really! Here will be unraveling the benefits of using vaping and dabbing, respectively.

Vaping Benefits

The significant benefit of using vaping is its higher bioavailability. The cannabinoid need not pass the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. Thus, increasing the bioavailability to around 90%, which is enormous!

Moreover, vaping is a discreet and legal way of consuming cannabis. In fact, according to ToGoWeed, many cannabis providers are ensuring unhindered access to the magic of this plant by making such options available in the most convenient way. You can easily transport it and consume it without leaving any lingering smell behind. This gives you the benefit of vaping around people without feeling worried about what they will think.

Dabbing Benefits

In the case of dabbing, you have a wide variety of products like wax, shatter, and budder. So, you can make your experience pleasurable in many ways. Plus, this option allows you to experiment as per your taste or preferences.

Also, if you consider effectiveness, dabbing is the best option for you. Since vaping products don’t contain any fillers, you have a chance of getting a highly potent product.

But the question remains.

Is dabbing healthier or vaping?

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Like we already mentioned that dabbing combusts the plant material. So, you are at risk of consuming harmful by-products. However, that’s not the case with vaping. You won’t consume any charred substance in this case. Having said that, it won’t be wrong to convey that both methods are healthier than smoking cannabis.

So, you can inhale your favorite concentrates or e-liquids using any method and achieve the desired effects.

But you should stay away from increasing temperature no matter what option you choose!

You must understand that turning up the heat to produce a thick layer of vapor might feel exciting. But this will result in the formation of a common carcinogen, i.e., Benzene. So, if you are vaping for health reasons, ensure that you keep the temperature below 365 degrees.

By doing so, you can stay away from any harmful carcinogens that might impact your health or body in the long term.

Final thoughts

The cannabis industry is growing by leaps and bounds. There is no doubt about that. And with so much evidence supporting its health benefits, people are finally leaving all the skepticism and opening up to consuming it to maintain their health.

While there are so many options available in the market, people are more inclined towards two primary options- dabbing and vaping. It won’t be wrong to say that dabbing and vaping is definitely the future of cannabis. Isn’t it?

However, you must make sure that your e-liquid is free from any harmful thinning agents. Who would like to inhale a cloud of chemical toxins, right? Also, keep an eye on the quality of concentrates as well. This is why finding a reliable provider is of utmost importance. No matter what option you choose, make sure you are opting for quality products and accessories. Only then can you achieve the desired results without impacting your health.

So, tell us, what do you prefer- Dabbing or Vaping?