I think it is quite clear that smoking regular cigarettes is a thing of the past and that vaping is the future. Not only has vaping become more available and healthier, but it has also become much cheaper. And the best thing about all this is the fact that most devices get improved by a lot, especially in the technological aspect. Just 10 years ago, we only had e-cigs on the market and that was about it. Today, there are all kinds of different vaporizers out there. However, in this article, we are going to talk specifically about the Crafty+ (Plus).

It is not a secret that the market is filled with thousands of vaping devices and naturally we can’t go through all of them, but we can review those that we deem worthy. Since many people have left great reviews about this product, it made sense that we should make an in-depth review of it. Assuming that you are considering purchasing this product, make sure you keep reading to find out all of the information about it.

Reliable brand

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As we already mentioned, the market for vaporizers is filled with thousands of different devices that come from hundreds of companies. This is both good and bad at the same time. It is good because you have the option to pick from a huge variety of devices, but the bad thing is that making a choice is actually pretty difficult. How can you know that the product you purchase will be reliable, long-lasting, and made out of pristine quality?

Well, one of the ways to find out is through reviews or ratings and the other way is to get familiar with the successful companies in this industry. This product that we decided to review comes from a reliable brand called The Crafty & Mighty and has been around for at least six years.

Since they had such a success with their original product, they decided to give it a small overhaul, an upgrade, and then add a plus to the name to indicate that it is better and newer.

It is still simple

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The whole point of a vaporizer is to be as simplistic as possible and to promote ease of use. Sure, a complicated vape may seem interesting at first, but using such a device in the long-term will become tedious. You will be glad to know that the Crafty+ works in the exact same way as its predecessor. All you have to do is just open it up and then press the power-on button. Once the target temperature is reached, you are good to go.

Adjusting the temperature is also quite simple. You have the option of either pressing three times on the power button to push the device to its maximum power to get a lot of heat or you could program your own preferred temperature into it

We remind you to keep in mind the fact that it needs to be refilled with a herb once in a while just like any other device in this market.

Build quality

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One of the main reasons why people have been hyped for the Crafty+ and why hazesmokeshop has had such an influx of buyers for this device is because of its build quality. It is quite obvious that it looks good, but it also has great build quality. It is made out of very sturdy plastic that can endure all kinds of stress like scratching, dropping, throwing, etc. Although, I do hope that you won’t be throwing your vaporizer anywhere.

I guess some people would argue that products that use a lot more metal materials are of higher quality, but I believe that the plastic is more than enough for this item. It almost never heats up which means you won’t feel the temperature rising in your hand while holding. If it were made out of metal, this might have been different.

The lack of accessories

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The Crafty+ does seem like an all-around great vaporizer, but there is one big problem that I have to mention. The original product from this company came with all kinds of accessories to make your vaping experience simpler, smarter, and just better. Originally, inside of the box, you could find various items such as herb grinder, a tool to assist you with loading the herb, and a small brush for cleaning. But the biggest disappointment is the fact that it doesn’t come with a charging brick, you only get a cable.

While I understand that everyone has at least one charging brick at home, it would still be much more useful if one came inside the box.

Solid battery life

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Another great thing about this product is that it has a pretty good battery. My experience, the first charge lasted for quite a lot of long vaping sessions. Once I filled up the battery 100% (which took an hour and a half), it lasted for about 7 to 8 sessions which I admit were pretty long. I can safely say that the battery life is pretty long-lasting.

Unfortunately, since we do not get a charging brick or type C connection, the device is limited to a pretty low power draw. I would have hoped that they would at least add type C for faster charging.

I should also note that the battery is not removable or replaceable.

It’s quite portable

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I have to mention that one of the strongpoints for Crafty+ pass to be its compact size and portability. Since it high-quality plastic instead of metal, it is pretty lightweight and is soft on a touch too. It is important for this kind of device to be soft, so it doesn’t tear the insides of your pockets. You can carry this device everywhere you go because it is quite small and will fit in probably any pocket. Whether you are the type of person to use front or back pocket, it won’t matter because it will probably fit.

The Crafty+ has its drawbacks, but ultimately is a great vaporizer and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in making an upgrade.