Smoking is something that a lot of people do in their life, even though it’s unhealthy and dangerous in the long term use. There are numerous reasons why a person shouldn’t smoke cigarettes, but there are also a lot of reasons that smokers use it as an excuse, and the truth is, some of them are even true.

Every long-term smoker would tell you that you can’t understand the feeling and the calming effect that a cigarette has until you try one, which is true, but we think that the health you’re sacrificing to get that rush is simply not worth it.

This is why inventors came up with a wonderful idea to create something that can improvise smoking and promote health at the same time. If you are even slightly into the world of cigarette consumption, you’re probably already aware of the fact that electronic cigars and vapes are pretty popular in the past decade.

In today’s article, were going to talk about a product named Pax 3 Vaporizer, a great choice for those of you who want to transition to the healthier variant of smoking. We are going to explain everything step-by-step, and in the end, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to purchase this product or not. Let’s take a look.

The design


Something that many people are concerned with when it comes to projects of this kind is the design. If you purchase something like this, you’re going to use it outdoors, so other people seeing it will not be rare.

The Pax 3 Vaporizer has a full black design which makes it elegant and easy to incorporate in almost any style. No matter how classy you want to look, this item will not be counterproductive when it comes to achieving your goal.

Now, if you want to go for a different look, or you just prefer your device to be in a different color, that possible because you can get it in four other colors as well.

The size


It’s not too large, it’s not too small. The Pax 3 Vaporizer is perfectly easy to fit into your pocket, and it’s not small enough so that it slips out of your hand while using it. Although the material is a bit more polished than we’d like, it is still an amazing choice for your daily vaping device.

Unfortunately, you cannot get this device in different sizes, but we don’t think that this is required because it’s already sized correctly and like it should be. If you happen to know somebody who would appreciate this as a gift, feel free to get them one because they’ll use it for many years, especially with the given fact that the Pax 3 Vaporizer has 10 years of warranty, which is incredible. Feel free to learn more here.



Now comes the part that everybody’s interested in, and that is functionality. When someone who is considered to be a power user and a long-term smoker gets their hands on a vaping device that’s slow and of low quality, chances are that those negative reviews will start coming in quite quickly. The great thing about the Pax 3 Vaporizer is that it offers amazing functionality, and this can be backed up by the fact that it can heat up in less than 22 seconds, which is not a common thing amongst other vaping devices.

This means that whenever you want to vape, you can do it fast without having to waste any time. We are already familiar with some of the situations in which we are not allowed to smoke or even use vaping devices, so anyone that experienced this at least once in their life knows how important those few seconds of freedom are, and we don’t want to waste any of them.

Last but not least in the functionality aspect, we’re really satisfied with the option to change the temperature, so that you can achieve the perfect flavor and vapor, which is also not common amongst cheaper or less-known models on the market.



Whenever you purchase something no matter if it’s a vaping device or anything else, you’re expecting it to last a long time. This is obvious because money is an important factor nowadays, and we don’t want to spend it on something that’s going to break in just a few days.

The Pax 3 Vaporizer is fairly good in this area, so even if you end up with a product that is faulty or just not durable enough, you have that amazing 10-year warranty that you can use at any time to either get it serviced or get a completely new replacement.

Needless to say, this device is durable and you will be able to use it for a long time before ever needing a replacement.

Style Points


Some people enjoy minimalism and class, while others want detailed items with a lot of applications on them. Now it’s pretty easy to notice that the Pax 3 Vaporizer is made for the first group of people that we mentioned, which is why the creators of it decided to keep it simple and minimalistic.

However, we also cannot deny the fact that a lot of those who use vapes are people who want their devices to look a bit more cheerful and fun. Compared to some other items which are currently available on the market, these design can be considered slightly boring, but only if you’re not a fan of minimalism and slickness.

Of course, we’re pretty confident that in the future were going to get a lot of models with different colors and applications to satisfy the imagination of those who simply want more out of the design. Overall, we think that this is a fairly good device and it’s pretty affordable as well, making it a perfect gift for a close friend or a family member.

Today is the right day to transition from regular and unhealthy smoking to something that feels a lot classier and more fun. Save your health and elevate your life.