If you are one of the many growers that wander if you can find a legit, high-quality, and reliable cannabis seed supplier online, the answer is yes. There are plenty of reputable seed banks you can select. The truth is, with tons of marijuana variety strands available online, growers across the world have their favorite suppliers too.

For first-time growers or long-term cultivators, finding premium-quality cannabis seeds online is more accessible, safer but with a strategic process at the same time. Reputable vendors send your purchase without any issues. With clear refund policies, you know that these seed banks are trustworthy.

How To Find High-Quality Cannabis Seeds Online

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You can find plenty of great and reputable cannabis seed vendors on the internet (see more information here for great deals and discounts). Though checking reputation helps you decide whether these seed banks are trustworthy or not, customer feedback and previous clients will help you decide whether a supplier produces top seeds or needs to find another shop.

To skip the dilemma or go through tons of cannabis suppliers, you can go straight to Royal Seed Bank. They are among the most established vendors that provide premium-quality and variety of strains for marijuana. Whether you go for regular seeds, feminized seed, or auto-flowering seeds, they got you covered.

It offers the most affordable yet high-quality cannabis seed online and is renowned worldwide. Online seed banks and dispensaries are the most excellent places to purchase high-end cannabis seeds. With proper research and word of mouth from growers, smokers, or breeders, you can easily find a reliable source of high-grade genetics. You can also check with the private community to find top recommendations.

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With lists of established suppliers that discreetly ship across the globe, reputation is built-up over time with the quality of seeds they sell regardless of what type it is; regular, feminized, or auto-flowering seeds.

For most beginners and inexperienced buyers who are still learning about cannabis cultivation, one cannot indeed guarantee legitimacy unless you dig deeper into customer feedback and research about the vendor’s reputation.

At Royal SeedBank, you’ll get instant access to reputable and high-quality suppliers online. With a track record of only the trusted and finest strains available in the market at affordable prices, it’s merely the best place to find the best marijuana seeds.

How To Determine The Legitimacy Of A Seed Vendor

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If it’s your first time to purchase cannabis seeds online, you have to consider a few essential things to ensure quality supply. Here’s a quick checklist of what your supplier’s must-have features are.

  • It sells only premium-quality cannabis seeds.
  • It provides worldwide shipping options.
  • It has an active and reliable support team.
  • It offers a variety of grains to choose from.
  • Crystal-clear refund or money-back guarantee policy for poor-quality or damaged seeds.
  • It provides sales and discounts.
  • It has multiple payment options from different currencies.
  • Consistent and on-time deliveries.
  • User-friendly site for complete ease of control and navigation.
  • It provides an updated customer feedback section for strain availability.

What’s The Best Cannabis Seed To Purchase

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Finding the right cannabis seed depends on individual preference, growth time, budget, and cultivation experience. While regular types of seeds are convenient, the results vary with the amount of harvest. Traditionally, with regular seeds, you’ll have half female seeds in return.

While ‘feminized’ strains provide approximately 100 percent of female plants, though you’ll need to add extra with their price, auto-flowering seeds, on the other hand, are strains that flower based on the cultivation age. They will start blooming when the plants are ready, while regular seeds respond to the light cycle changes.

Safety Precautions Every Grower Needs To Remember

If it’s your first time ordering cannabis seeds online, you’re as worried as hell. While it’s prohibited to grow cannabis, if you’ll be careful, you won’t have any problem. However, before doing so, you’ll need to equip yourself with the right knowledge and learn from breeders or growers’ experience.

To give you a heads-up, if you are ordering seeds overseas and getting caught at customs through the mail, you don’t go to jail for it. You’ll receive a notice that your purchases have been confiscated. It may happen to you one way or another, especially if you’re ordering seeds online.

In cases like these, you can get back to your seed bank supplier and explain what happened. Reputable seed banks usually see a replacement for the lost goods. It’s the most straightforward process of purchasing online with the right vendors. A good seed bank like UnitedStrainsOfAmerica is preferred for buying seeds in bulk. They keep the rates low and get seeds from verified sellers.

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  • There are no legal cases of people ordering cannabis seeds online and being caught, facing severe trouble.
  • If your cannabis seeds are confiscated at customs via mail, you’ll notice that your purchase has been forfeited.
  • You can inform your seed bank about the situation and ask for a replacement, or they’ll send a replacement for it.
  • You’ll get into serious legal trouble if customs have traced you ordering or sending cannabis seed within the country or other state.
  • There are no long-term seed banks located in any state across the US.
  • Confiscated seeds at custom are just tossed out, regardless of which country you’re currently residing.
  • You’ll get more information on the ins and outs of buying cannabis seeds online by joining forums and private groups of the same interest.
  • You can interact with the members, growers, and breeders, ask questions, learn from them, and continue your cannabis journey.
  • It is better to know how to determine the quality of seeds to know whether your vendor sends high-quality seeds.
  • Have extra patience when ordering cannabis seeds online or overseas.
  • The shipping process can take from 3-4 weeks or longer.
  • In case of delay after the three-week duration, you can get in touch with the customer representative to air your concern.

Recognizing Cannabis Seed Quality

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As a grower or a breeder, growing quality cannabis plants must start by finding premium-quality seeds. It’s the first step to success. But how do you determine the quality of cannabis seeds?

Here’s a comprehensive guide:

  • Color and appearance

Check the color and appearance. Cannabis seeds have aesthetic qualities that set them from unhealthy or low-quality seeds. Find one that’s darker in color, like tan, brown, or black.

Immature cannabis seeds are easy to recognize as they have lighter colors such as pale green, yellow, or white.

Healthy seeds have a wax-like coating and have stripes or dark spot patterns.

  • Durability and hardness

Healthy seeds should be crack-free, with no holes made from pests and harder and durable outer shells. If you gently squeeze a healthy grain, it won’t break easily nor crack.

  • Shape and size
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A tear-drop-shape or symmetrical rounded shape is a good quality seed. The seeds must be more abundant, while most immature and low-quality seeds have irregular shapes and are smaller.

  • Float test

The best way to check the quality of your cannabis seed aside from their appearances is the free test. It’s as simple as dropping the seeds before germination into a cup of distilled water and see if it floats or sinks.

Sinking seeds are of good quality as it has the right amount of mass for it to fall after a couple of hours.

  • Age

Knowing the age of your cannabis seeds can help you determine their viability. Freshly harvested seeds are viable compared to older age seeds.

Store your seeds in a dark, cool place to prevent molds and to rot.


It’s easy for vendors to claim proficiency unless it’s proven with customer experience. The best way for you to find the best cannabis seeds is to check for trustworthy seedbanks from trusted vendors with sustained quality supply. Feedbacks and first-hand experience from these suppliers will help you decide.