As most of the cannabis enthusiasts know, stems are a part of the marijuana plant that has almost no THC content. Still, not all of them are ready just to throw them away and have tried smoking them on occasion. This is something you shouldn’t be doing since smoking stems is terrible for you.

Since there is no THC in stems, there is little point in smoking them. Not only that, smoking stems can cause headaches, not to mention they taste awful. People who have tried it compared it to smoking sandpaper. Learn more here about extracting cannabis oil.

People who are prone to migraines and headaches should especially stay away from stems, as they can worsen their symptoms and prolong them. Smoking stems can also be bad for your cognitive function and concentration.


Smoking stems also very bad for your stomach and digestive system, causing nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

To benefit from what little THC is available in stems, you have to smoke a lot of them, which s not good for your lungs. Your respiratory system will suffer from all that smoke you inhaled. COPD and asthma patients are especially sensitive to this, but even healthy people will have trouble breathing after smoking a bunch of stems.

So, to answer the question can you smoke weed stems, yes you can, but you really shouldn’t. Instead of smoking them, here are a few other uses for stems.

You can make tea out of them, by de-carboxylate the stem and grinding it. Let it simmer in water for a while on low heat and add it to your favorite tea. Other uses include making hemp paper, weaving baskets, making marijuana topicals, or even use them as kebab skewers.


Even if you don’t have the skills or the time to make any of this, remember that stems are bad for you and you should never smoke them. It may seem wasteful, but throwing them is your best option.