Taking Marijuana during pregnancy has not been proven safe. It leads to several problems for the baby, such as problems with brain development, withdrawal symptoms after birth, premature birth, and stillbirth.

What Is Marijuana?

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Marijuana, also known as cannabis, pot, or weed, is a drug gotten from stems, leaves, seeds, and flowers cut up from the cannabis plant. Marijuana is not legal in many countries. But in some countries, it is legitimate to use it to treat some illnesses. However, Marijuana is the most prohibited medicine to be used during pregnancy.

It consists of a chemical known as THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). This compound affects the way the human brain works and makes it hard for it to think well. THC and other constituents in Marijuana can make alterations to your sense of touch, hearing, and sight.

Taking Marijuana when pregnant could result in several problems for the baby before birth and after birth.

Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana is used to cure health conditions like nausea, severe pain, HIV, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. Making use of Marijuana is legal in some states with the approval of the healthcare professional. In some states, the use of Marijuana is allowed for personal usage other than medicinal reasons.

Though the use of Marijuana might be legalized in your state or wherever you live, taking Marijuana when pregnant is not safe, even if you want to treat vomiting, which often takes place during the first few weeks of being pregnant. No matter how little you wish to take, it hasn’t been proved safe. If you’re pregnant and you’re considering taking Marijuana to soothe vomiting and nausea during pregnancy, consult your healthcare provider or a physician to know the adequate treatment that won’t be harmful to the baby.

Can The Intake Of Marijuana When Pregnant Cause Problems For The Baby?

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Yes, it can. When you take Marijuana throughout the period of pregnancy, THC and other constituents flow through the placenta to the baby. The placenta builds up in the womb and delivers oxygen and nutrients to the baby via the umbilical cord. The chemicals in Marijuana can also flow into the brain of the baby.

In addition to taking Marijuana, women use other illicit drugs, drink alcohol, and also smoke cigarettes, which makes it hard to find out the exact effect of Marijuana in pregnant women. Case studies show that taking Marijuana when pregnant cause lots of problems for the baby, such as:

Low Birth Weight And Reduction Of Fetal Growth

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Low birth weight is a situation where a newborn weighs 5 pounds, 8 ounces. The reduction of fetal growth simply means that a baby does not meet the required weight before birth. The baby must not have a smaller or bigger head.

Untimely Birth

This simply means putting to bed before the usual nine months of being pregnant.

Birth Without Life

This is when a baby passes away in the womb after five months of pregnancy.


This occurs when a newborn does not have adequate red blood cells to help in transporting oxygen to other parts of the body.


This is among the most severe defects of the neural tube. The neural tube defects have an effect on the spinal cord and the brain. A baby delivered in this state lacks vital parts of the scalp, skull, and brain. They do not stay alive long after delivery, usually a couple of hours. A baby exposed to Marijuana in the first few weeks of pregnancy have a more prominent tendency to developing anencephaly.

Taking Marijuana when pregnant can also lead to several issues after childbirth. Also, your baby is likely to spend more time in “NICU” than other babies. NICU is an acronym for the neonatal intensive care unit, which is a special room in a health center where sick babies are being taken care of.

However, exposure to Marijuana can also lead to problems after child delivery. Such issues include:

  • Withdrawal symptoms including a long period of crying or trembling after birth
  • Behavioral problems
  • Problem of learning and paying attention
  • Loss of memory
  • Sleeping problem
  • Depression

How Marijuana Affects Breastfeeding

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THC and other constituents can be transferred to a baby through breastfeeding. Your baby can be at a higher chance of having brain development issues if you are the type that smokes Marijuana when breastfeeding your baby. Also, the intake of Marijuana harms the quality and quantity of breast milk produced. It has been recommended by the “American Academy of Pediatrics” that a nursing mother should not take Marijuana, to help keep breast milk healthy and safe.

How Is Marijuana Taken?

Usually, it is being smoked in pipes, in cigars, or in a hand-rolled cigarette (pores). It is often taken with a vaporizer, which helps the smoker to inhale it without any form of smoke. However, some people blend theirs with food like candy, cookies, or brownies. Some also make use of a method known as dabbing, with which users smoke adherent products known as resins or extracts gotten from the hemp plant. These resins consist of a large amount of THC. The smoker takes more with extreme strength when smoking them, than when smoking hemp leaves.

Problems Marijuana Cause Before Pregnancy

The use of Marijuana before pregnancy can have an effect on your fertility and can also make it difficult for a lady to get pregnant. Marijuana can have an impact on:

  • The hormones which the body needs to conceive. They are chemical substances that the body produces
  • The menstrual cycle, which is the procedure by which the ovaries deliver an egg monthly

Can Marijuana Cause Harm To The Body?

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The more you consume Marijuana, the more you’re prone to problems such as:

  • Problem of the lungs
  • Fast heart rate
  • Sleeping problem
  • Memory loss
  • Smoker’s cough
  • Clumsiness


The intake of Marijuana is not appropriate for pregnant women, as it has several health issues even before delivery and after delivery. So, pregnant women should stay away from Marijuana as if it affects both the baby in the womb, and the quality/quantity of breast milk.