CBD gummies are incredibly popular, and that is no wonder. The tradition of using gummies as a way to ingest vitamins and other supplements goes back as far as the 90s, when they became a practical and friendly way to get children to take their vitamins.

Many of the reasons that made gummies an attractive vitamin delivery method also makes them a great way for people of all ages to take CBD supplements today. After all, what is CBD, if not a health supplement with an added relaxing effect? One could say it’s a supplement for both physical and mental health.

If you aren’t sure if CBD gummies are the best method for you, stick around. This post contains several reasons why you should give them a try. The information here comes from many sources, including sites like CannaConnection.de.

1. Discretion

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The best way to get the effects of CBD fast is to get it into your bloodstream directly. The two most common methods of doing so are (a) vaping CBD and (b) letting CBD oil be absolved under the tongue. The first method works because the lungs are a direct path into your bloodstream, and the second method is effective because CBD gets to the bloodstream via the mucous membrane located under the tongue.

Both methods, however, have the downside of not being very discrete. Something doesn’t have to be illegal to be frowned upon, and sometimes you just don’t want yet another coworker or customer asking what is that oil you carry around, or what were you just vaping in the smoker’s room.

CBD gummies have the benefit of looking just like any type of candy. Any questions raised by you popping a gummy bear into your mouth can be brushed off if you say they are vitamins, or that you just had a sugar craving. They also won’t draw too much attention if they are found on your person or in your belongings.

2. Dosing

There are many ways to take CBD, and they all come with different concentrations of the substance. One advantage gummies have over CBD oils, pills, patches, and vaping is that they are easier to dose on the fly.

Oils require you to use a dropper, and trying to cut a patch or break a pill in half can be annoying and messy. If you want just half a dose of a gummy bear, however, you can easily just take half a bite. It won’t be as precise as using a dropper, but it is much more convenient. And exact precision isn’t a must when it comes to CBD; there is no such thing as a CBD overdose, after all.

That convenience, in turn, makes getting gummies with a higher CBD concentration more viable. Since it becomes easier to control the dosage by eating just a part of the gummy, instead of swallowing it whole.

3. Lasting effect

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Vaping and placing CBD under the tongue both have the same downside. Those methods of absorption often lead to a spike and sudden decline in the levels of the substance in your bloodstream. Which is another way of saying that the positive effects are stronger at first, but wear off more quickly over time. Usually within a couple of hours.

Which can be good if expediency is what you are after. Sleep experts, for example, say that the best way to use CBD as a sleep aid is to vape it or place it under your tongue about an hour before you go to bed. That will leave you relaxed at bedtime without the risk of the effects still being active the next morning.

However, if what you are looking for is to be relaxed throughout the day, then ingesting CBD is a good way to achieve that effect without having to constantly take new doses.

When ingested, CBD will take longer to kick in than when inhaled or absorbed under your tongue. However, the effect will also last longer, as the slow burn of digestion continually absolves the CBD in your stomach bit by bit. That is also true of ingesting oils and pills, but gummies and other edibles tend to last a bit longer.

4. Taste

Cannabis products aren’t known for their great taste. CBD oil, like most cannabis extracts, has a distinct earthy taste which most don’t find appealing at first. Gummy bears, however, can cover that taste with any flavor you want.

Grapes, strawberry, chocolate, lemon, bubble gum — the options are endless and the choice is yours. Even if you are a long term weed enthusiast who has grown to love the herb’s distinct flavor, it might be nice to change things up from time to time. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

5. Appearance

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Presentation matters. There is a reason master chefs don’t just dump all their ingredients into a plate. Food served at an elite restaurant will aim to please all senses, including your sight and your smell. And you have to admit, gummy sculptures are a lot more visually appealing than pills or a vial of oil.

Bear shaped gummies are the most common in the market. Cute little translucent bears that look like something Willy Wonka would dream up. However, you are not limited to just bears. Available shapes include butterflies, orange slices, cherries, etc. So go ahead and find a shape that makes you smile. We could all use a bit more cheer in our daily life.

6. DIY possibilities

Finally, perhaps the biggest benefit of CBD gummies is that they are very easy to make at home, especially when compared to other edibles. All you need is some neutral gelatin, silicone molds, and the CBD product of your choice. Oils and tinctures work better for this.

You can then customize the recipe by adding any sort of flavoring and sweetener you want. Go with your favorite chemical flavor ordered straight off Amazon, or keep it natural with honey and orange juice, your choice. There are even vegan gummy bear recipes online. The possibilities are endless.