If you have been shopping around for CBD oils lately, you have likely come across the term ‘third-party lab results’. But most companies do not fully explain what this really means on their websites, which can lead to confused consumers whether that is a good thing or not.

You might have followed the link to a separate website or a PDF file detailing the findings of a third-party lab. This can be very confusing, as you will likely see a lot of terms and acronyms and wonder what their meaning is, and you also might see some unfamiliar ingredients and wonder whether these have a negative or a positive effect on the oils.

In this article, we are going to explain to you what exactly are third party lab results for CBD oils, so that you can be sure if you are buying a high-quality CBD oil and not wasting your money.

What are third-party lab results and why do companies do them?

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As it stands, the CBD products that are sold in health stores are not regulated by the government. The MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) that oversees the CBD oils only regulates those that are available as medicine under special circumstances. It means that not all CBD oils you see on the shelves are regulated by the government.

This means that a company could put anything inside a small bottle and sell it as some type of CBD oil. Of course, this is a very risky business, as anyone who is found guilty of this would face serious criminal charges and will have their company shut down, but this does not mean that scammers won’t try it.

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Thankfully, there are a lot of reputable CBD companies that are paving the way for a better and safer CBD industry. In order to do this, they promote complete transparency, which requires proving what is actually in their products. A trustworthy CBD manufacturer will provide third-party lab reports to prove that they are producing quality and safe CBD oil.

The company sends off their samples of oil to a third-party laboratory, who then conduct chromatographic tests to find out what’s in the oil. This can help you understand what exactly you are putting in your body, and is a reason why you should buy CBD oil who has done their testing properly.

What to look for in third-party lab results

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In order to understand the lab results better, we will explain some of the terms you might see.


Obviously, in every CBD oil, you will want to see CBD in the listed ingredients. If this is not present on the list or if it’s not the main ingredient of the product, then it is a scam and you shouldn’t consume it.

Other cannabinoids

There are a lot of other cannabinoids you should look out for. However, not all of them can be good for you. When looking at the results, you should get CBD oils that have CBC, CBDA, CBN or CBG and avoid those that have THC listed.