The modern world is brisk, ferocious, and often rigorous. The pandemic has only made the problem of work-life balance worse. With time, work from home has not only made things harder but also more stressful. The worst affected of the lot are women, as they often have it easy to manage between their professional lives and personal ones at the same time. A study recently conducted has shown that an average woman in the US marked their stress count 5.5 on a scale of 1-10, whereas a man marked it to be 4.4 out of 10.

Various Clinical trials on CBD (Cannabidiol) Drugs have shown it has stress-reducing properties. It has also proven to have other positive medicinal qualities.

Sunday Scaries are one of the best CBD chains out there. Its majority of users are women. It will be apt to claim that it is one of the most popular and well-reviewed brands in the United States of America.

Here are five reasons why Women should use Sunday Scaries CBD


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In the modern world, there is a total imbalance between work and professional life. Not only the work schedules are tighter, but the new work from home has also increased responsibilities. The nine-hour shift is not only being exceeded but comes with added responsibilities. Many employers have also reduced the annual leaves citing the “pandemic losses” as a reason.

It has had worse effects on women as their workplace is already more stressful when compared to men. They are in the constant struggle to prove themselves and also have to struggle with the underlying danger of workplace harassment and discrimination at the same time. In many cases, the personal life of an individual deteriorates because of the hectic work-life.

Cannabidiol drugs have a proven track record of reducing anxiety levels in their users. Recent studies have proven that they decrease the chemical imbalance caused by anxiety. The constituents of CBD drugs have a soothing effect and helps the metabolism to cope with hormonal imbalance.

Many professionals in the medical industry have started prescribing CBD to patients with anxiety disorders. The CBD market will grow at an annual rate of 25%, which shows its efficacy and popularity in the consumer base.


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The flourishing industries, transport system, and the various facilities come with pollution. Recent studies have shown that the United States of America ranks 24th in the Environmental Pollution ranking. It has increased the number of skin disorders in individuals of varying ages.

Most of these cases are due to the pollutants present in the Air and Water. Many pollutants likeĀ  Carbon Monoxide, Lead, Fluoride not only stick to the surface of your skin but also have dangerous side effects. Many times hormonal imbalance is cited as a big reason for such disorders in women. Various hormonal imbalances in the metabolism are due to anxiety.

Cannabidiol drugs have proven beneficial in reducing the hormonal imbalance, which instantly helps the metabolism and the skin at the same time. Women who use CBD have reported decreased skin problems and inflammations. Many women also claim that it has reduced their acne problems by tenfold with no underlying side effects.

Various medical skin procedures have started to include CBD in their medications. Many states are in the process of laying down detailed therapy plans, which include Cannabidiol drugs in them.


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According to The World Health Organization, a woman has twice the probability of having a depressive episode than a man. Mood swings, anxiety, apathy, and sadness are few symptoms of depression. Many studies have shown that these symptoms are more severe on women and may have some grueling side effects.

Some develop various harmful addictions to help them cope with their worsening symptoms. Addictions to substances like alcohol also have dangerous effects. There have been many instances where the patient has to go through rigorous rehab programs to get rid of the addiction.

CBD has a soothing effect on the user, and it helps with the underlying symptoms of the consumer. One of the best things about CBD is its ability to reduce the symptoms of depression effectively. CBD’s anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties are proven by the detailed clinical trials conducted recently.


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Both work and professional life imbalances cause a disruptive sleep cycle. Recent studies conducted by American Sleep Association show that 70% of the American population suffers from different sleep disorders. This problem is worse in women as they are more prone to anxiety and depression.

Disturbed sleep cycles are often responsible for frequent mood swings, which result in lower productivity among the patients. Mood swing is due to the imbalance of various chemical substances in our metabolism. Not only it affects the patient but also the ones around them.

Cannabidiol drugs come from the Leaves of the Sativa Plant. They have a proven track record in improving the consumer’s vibe and day-to-day functioning. Improved sleep cycle reduces mood changes and has a soothing effect on the user. Many women who have taken CBD have shared positive reviews about it.


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Various chemical drugs that are available in the market may cause dangerous side effects. As they are in bulk, their individual quality is subpar. In many instances, women suffer from acne problems, disturbed sleep cycles, and skin disorders. They often have long-term repercussions.

CBD drugs have been in the US markets for the last decade. In such a long history, there are zero cases of side effects. The effectiveness varies from woman to woman and does not cause any dangerous side effects. CBD is the perfect solution if one does not want any side effects from the drugs consumed.


Cannabidiol Drugs are the best alternative to the chemical drugs in the market. They are trusted, organic, proven, and effective. Women can not only use them as an antidepressant but as an effective stress reliever, as well. Many clinical trials in the recent past have proven their efficacy.

Considering the above benefits, CBD also has the added benefit of fun associated with them. The United States of America has numerous states which have legalized the consumption of CBD.