Over 300 million people suffer from depression in the world. The illness affects people of all ages and is the root of many other health problems. If left unattended, depression can cause suicide.

Half of the depression victims cannot access medical or psychological attention because of inadequate resources, lack of access to medicare and worse, stigmatization limits many people from seeking help.

So, what can depressed patients do? Patients who can afford medicare seek psychosocial treatments or use antidepressants while the rest await their fate. Perhaps the trending medicinal product; CBD, could provide an affordable alternative to the ailment. Let’s find out next.

Why CBD?

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CBD, a product extracted from cannabis and hemp has links to the treatment of many health problems including anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The earliest users of cannabis in China and India used the product at around 2000 BC for recreational, relaxation and medicinal purposes. Some traditional monks respected cannabis as a sacred plant because of its abundant benefits. Today, marijuana and its compounds have become popular, people no longer smoke but vape with the fire-fly vaporizers. Click here for more info about it.

All study backgrounds hail from users proclamations that cannabis is a healing substance. Many users cited feelings of extreme calm and euphoria after using the marijuana, rousing curiosity of medics and researchers.

The findings; Marijuana comprises many cannabinoids. CBD and THC feature as the major components of the magical plant. Further research associated THC with the high effect users experienced after consuming marijuana. Meaning, CBD above its medicinal benefits is safe for use and has limited side effects.

Are There Research Findings Backing CBD as a Depression Solution?

Many of the researches back CBD as a healthy solution to anxiety and depression. While the studies feature rats and animals as the models, their anatomy doesn’t differ with yours. The studies show a strong influence from CBD on the brain’s neurotransmitters. CBD stirs production of the happy hormone dopamine which has anti-depressing and anti-anxiety strengths.

Prolonged anxiety can cause sleepless nights, at its worst, it can cause insomnia and depression. Nowadays, medical professionals prescribe CBD tabs to insomnia and chronic pain patients to enhance their sleep patterns.

Where Can You Find CBD?

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While CBD is legal in many states, refer to by laws of your state to confirm the amounts you can possess, share or traverse states with. Then scour the internet, or ask friends for credible online CBD shops and vape suppliers.