Cannabis is legal in nearly all off the United States. However, the buying process is different in most states.

People in the U.S. have mixed feelings about cannabis; the older generations certainly don’t see it as the product it is today. When purchasing cannabis, there are four main factors you should always take into consideration that will give you a different experience each time. The four factors include the smell, look, flower structure, and of course, the feel.

Cannabis is sold in dispensaries, although we mentioned that the buying process is different for most states. Cannabis can be sold in numerous ways. It is mostly sold as buds. This is the most common product where you need to grind it, roll it, and smoke it.

To purchase cannabis buds, the state needs to have cannabis decriminalized or make it fully legal for recreational use. The state could have it down only for medical use, but the process is quite hard if your doctor hasn’t prescribed it to you. However, states that have cannabis decriminalized or legal can own dispensaries.

These are mostly called coffee shops, but they don’t sell coffee as an ordinary coffee shop would. However, the term coffee shop has been coined by the cannabis industry. These dispensaries can sell cannabis products. From the most common product which includes cannabis buds, to the most unordinary products in the forms of face creams. While buds are the most popular we’re also going to mention a few others that include:

Cannabis Oil


Probably the biggest cannabis product on the rise comes in the form of oil. Oil products on its own are very broad-termed and can’t be easily described. Under oil, it can be included for consumption or for body care.

The versatility of cannabis oil, on the other hand, is the sole reason as to why it is becoming more and more popular on the market. If sold in states where it’s legal, cannabis oil differs in the thickness.

Cannabis oil has been found extremely beneficial due to a compound known as cannabidiol. CBD for short, cannabidiol is a compound that most cannabis oils are made from. It is widely used throughout the U.S. as a means to cure depression, anxiety, pain relief, nausea, etc.

But it seems that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has labeled CBD oil as the recommended medication for epilepsy. To purchase cannabis oil in the U.S., your state needs to have it labeled as a legal product, one that can be consumed for eighter medical or recreational use.

Cannabis Beverages


Although not nearly as popular as oil, cannabis beverages do have some hype around them. Imagine drinking weed water, yeah, that is a thing now. But we’re not talking about water, as that would some weird, but instead, we’re talking about cocktails. As a matter of fact, some places throughout the U.S. offer cannabis-infused cocktails.

These are mostly located throughout California and Los Angeles, to be more precise, but their popularity could soon be on the rise if other states decide to be as open to cannabis as California.

Naturally, the state needs to have cannabis put down eighter as a decriminalized or fully legal, and Colorado even sells cannabis-infused cola and fruit punch. Apart from cocktails and colas, another popular cannabis drink is coffee.

For a detailed look into some of the most popular cannabis and cannabidiol products, make sure to head over to



Yet another highly popular cannabis product on the market is chocolate. Chocolate falls under the category of edibles, which are very fun ways to get high. Edibles will get you high the most since the concentration of THC is greater than when smoking it. Under chocolates, we have the two most common products. Those are, of course, weeb brownies and weed muffins. Others include the pot cookie, marijuana candy, marijuana gummies, and various other products. Visit to see the wide variety of cannabis edibles you can buy online. 

Cannabis-infused chocolate products are the most popular edibles out there, and states that have cannabis decriminalized or legal can sell them. This, naturally means that the buying process of edibles isn’t everywhere the same in the United States.



Cannabis capsules are mostly high on CBD instead of THC. This naturally means that the main usage for them is medicinal. For many people in the U.S. cannabis is seen as a medicine, so it would only be natural to find a way to market the product to those who don’t like to eighter eat or smoke it, and not get high in the process.

Cannabis capsules contain very small traces of THC, almost minuscule. That means that it won’t get you high.

Again, as we’ve mentioned numerous times, CBD needs to be legal if you want to use cannabis capsules in your state. Colorado and California are one of the states that can sell cannabis (CBD) capsules.

Dog Treats


Cannabis-infused dog treats aren’t meant to make your dog or cat high. Instead, they are high on CBD and low on THC, which also makes their usage medicinal. Our pets, the same as us, have numerous issues. From chronic pain to epilepsy and seizures, to anxiety and depression, our pets are living creatures that experience countless emotions and problems. So there are efforts in California to try and make CBD legal for pets, in the form of dog or cat treats.

Safety Factors


It goes without saying that you should consume cannabis in moderation. While cannabis isn’t something that will kill you, since you would need to smoke a ton of it to get overdosed, you should do it smartly.

It goes without saying that you should never mix cannabis and alcohol. As a matter of fact, this is the biggest safety risk. Other unwanted effects that cannabis has been that it makes you too “slow”.

By this we include:

  • Impaired motor controls or slow reflexes, which is why it is never recommended that you drive when high
  • Impaired memory or your ability to remember things
  • Alters perception of time or it makes you feel as more/less time has passed that what it actually has

There are some of the negative effects of cannabis, but they are all labeled as “safe” if you consume cannabis smartly.