If you live in a state or a country where marijuana has been legalized and you can use it for recreational purposes you are truly blessed to enjoy in it. However, this enjoyment is owed to the fact that there is actually a person who would give and sell that marijuana to you, i.e. your dealer. There are various types of personalities that are included in dealing with marijuana and each one of those characters is a story for himself/herself.

Finding a dealer

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If marijuana is not legalized in your state, you may encounter various problems and difficulties in even finding a dealer since they do not want to risk and end up in jail. This is the part where the internet comes in. More precisely, social media has made work to dealers a lot easier since people can find them and their weed on various social accounts that are available. However, this also has some downsides for both the dealer and buyer. The danger to both of them is the same: it may be the police behind the account or person who is looking for weed.

Weed dealers

As we have said, there are a lot of different people who deal with marijuana, so let’s see what types of those people there are.

Shady dealer

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Those are the people who would never do the selling of their stuff in front of their homes but hey would rather choose some shady place for the trade.


This one goes even further. Namely, this type of dealer does not send weed on the basis of text messages, you are not supposed to send him/her text messages. The only allowed thing is calling and even then you are supposed to talk in codes.

The aggressive hustler

This one can be actually considered to be a businessman. He would be the one calling you to let you know that he has something new and something great.

Part-time dealers

These ones do not take dealing weed as something permanent, and those are usually people who have some types of regular jobs. So, he/she will not be always available, but only when he/she has time.

Money is not everything

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There are those dealers who do not put profit as the most important thing. Those are actually people who enjoy smoking weed more than a person who is willing to buy it from them. These dealers usually give some extra grams of weed to their customers.


Well, like in every “business”, the situation with irresponsible people is the same here. There are simply those dealers who tell you that they will call in some time, even specify it, and never call you. They usually make an appointment for making the transfer of goods and they do not even show up.


Well, there are simply those men that are simply lame, and this type of dealer is nothing but it. These people see selling of weed as the mere opportunity to meet and get in touch with women. Some of them even do not want money for their weed but ask for favors of other kinds.

Buddy buddy!

Some dealers are actually too nice. No one expects from a dealer to be friendly and to hang out with a customer. These dealers try to do exactly this. They tend to talk a lot with their customers.

Deliver boy

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Some dealers actually deliver weed to your address or wherever you specify.


Those are the ones who sell weed and at the same time try to teach you how to use and enjoy it.


These are the ones who sell exactly what is ordered, not even a milligram more.

Mr. Reliable

This one is the best, he/she always has good stuff, always can deliver and there is always some more.

Backward dealer

This kind actually buys some of the weed and then sells a part of it, to make some money and to smoke it on his own. The reason for this is because this is a person who wants weed and does not have money for it, so he sells some stuff and always also has for him.

Gift giver

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The one who likes to have a joint with you when you come to buy weed. This type actually loves to smoke weed and this can be troublesome since he/she may actually waste a lot of your time.

One hit wonder

Well, this is the kind that simply disappears after you have made one buy from him, and the weed was actually good. It seems as if they simply disappear after some time and you cannot find that same person to make another buy.

Social dealer

These are the people who simply bring their stuff to parties or some social events and make selling there. They do not want to be a full-time dealer and never sell weed expect as described.

Stationary dealer

This type of dealer usually does not have a phone and he/she does not take orders in this way. This is actually a type of a dealer that can be found at the same spot each and every day.

Phone dealer

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This is quite the opposite type to the previous, it seems as if they are never at the same place. The only thing you can do is call him, and he/she will always answer and come to the agreed location.


These are good ones since it is known that they always have good weed. However, this also means that there is a high demand for their stuff and that everyone goes there. So, it may happen that they sell everything quickly.


This type does not have any weed, so he is the one who is calling another person to get some weed for you. This may mean that you would have to wait a bit longer for your weed.