This may be a new one to even those who are familiar with CBD Oil, but it can actually be used to alleviate a hangover! It is important to remember that it will not work for every individual – nothing does – but you can rest assured that it has certain properties that will help when you are suffering after a heavy session the night before!

Let’s run through five ways CBD oil can help when you have a hangover, and why.


1. CBD Curbs the Feeling of Sickness

CBD – cannabidiol – is known to act with what is known as the endocannabinoid system in the body. As it does so, it will alleviate the sickness that comes with a bad hangover. This works in more than one way to help: first, it allows you to keep water down and not simply bring it back up again, which in turn deals with one of the most dangerous parts of the hangover, dehydration. It will also allow you to keep any food down – and we recommend you check out the right food to eat when you have a hangover to replace the nutrients you have lost.


2. It Will Help with your Headache

The headache you get with a hangover is one of the worst aspects, and CBD Oil has been found to help reduce the pain. It does this because – as research has shown – it stops the body from metabolizing a substance called Anandamide. This compound regulates pain, and the oil helps keep it in the bloodstream for longer. You can find out more detail on the effects of CBD oil at this website:


3. It Is a Powerful Antioxidant

The ingestion of alcohol – especially in large quantities – introduces many oxidants into the body. It also depletes the antioxidants that we produce naturally and that are found in the food we eat. This is another element of the hangover feeling. The oil cleanses the body of oxidants, and encourages the production of more antioxidants. It can be more effective than many other antioxidants, and is very effective at shortening your suffering time!


4. It is a Natural Antidepressant

The reason many people feel ‘down’ after a night drinking is because, as alcohol is ingested, it encourages the brain to release a hormone known as dopamine. This is the hormone that makes us feel ‘happy’ when we have had a few drinks. The next day, however, the dopamine has effectively ‘worn off’ and the brain is low on its natural happiness hormone. CBD oil has been shown in trials to reduce stress and anxiety – as well as depression – so will help ward off the after-effects of the dopamine high and the subsequent low period.


5. It Protects the Brain and Liver

The liver is there to cleanse the body of toxins and alcohol introduces plenty of them! This is why our liver will be working very hard when we drink, which also exerts pressure on the other organs to keep up. Alcohol also destroys brains cells in large numbers. In 2013, research was undertaken on rats into the effects on the liver and brain of alcohol ingestion and CBD oil. It was found that damage to the organs was reduced by as much a 50% when it was given after alcohol. While not yet conclusive in humans, this is certainly a result that is of a promising nature.


CBD oil is a natural product, and is therefore safe to take. Next time you wake up with a hangover, steer away from the anti – inflammatories and painkillers you usually use – they do more harm than good – and take your usual dose of CBD oil, then drink plenty water to keep hydrated!


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