Cannabis products have flooded the market in recent years. In the last ten years, in particular, cannabis has undergone dramatic changes as more types of products are introduced, based on the public’s demand for them. 

Cannabis first gained popularity as marijuana, the typical form of cannabis that was used for centuries and ultimately made popular when medical marijuana was legalized. 

Since then, hemp versions of products have been marketed to the public for their low ration of THC to CBD cannabinoids, both of which have benefits. 

Hemp relief cream can be made from either hemp or marijuana, both of which are forms of cannabis. 

One has little to no THC (the hemp version), while the other contains high levels of THC. The creams are most often made with CBD oil, which is extracted from hemp. 

It has been found to have many positive impacts on the body. Let’s take a look at why Hemp Relief Cream is really helpful to many people. 

CBD – What’s It All About?


 CBD is a cannabinoid that is present in cannabis plants only. Unlike many other cannabinoids that are found in many other types of plants in the world, CBD is exclusive to cannabis. 

It’s one of the two most researched cannabinoids, with THC being the other. 

THC is the psychoactive ingredient that causes the head high that many people find distracting to the point of being unable to function. 

This is not an option for most productive people. Therefore, CBD has become a viable option for them. 

With the legalization of marijuana, the door was opened to research. 

Scientists were able to find that CBD is responsible for many of the health benefits that patients have reported with marijuana usage. 

The beautiful thing about using CBD products is that they are extracted from hemp, which has higher levels of CBD and very low levels of THC. THC, in fact, is only .03% or less in total presence in hemp. 

Because these levels were so low, the industry was able to get CBD products, extracted from hemp, to be legalized in all fifty states. 

This was made possible in 2014 but wasn’t widely regarded as a safe option to farmers or manufacturers until the new version of the bill was signed in 2019. Within a few short months, sales skyrocketed and CBD products were suddenly everywhere to be found. 

How Does It Work?


CBD works with the body’s own Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which works to help the body maintain balance at all times, This balance is known as homeostasis. 

When the body is out of balance, due to pain from injury, sickness, or from a chronic condition, the ECS steps in to direct the body to take measures meant to bring relief, This may not ultimately be healing as CBD is not a cure for anything. 

On the other hand, it can relieve symptoms from chronic conditions that make living life more difficult. 

Hemp Relief Cream, such as that from VitaLeaf Naturals, can help with joint pain that many people suffer with due to arthritis. 

As we age our joints get stiff and sore from the inflammation of arthritis that finds its way into the joints of our body. 

CBD is wonderful at fighting inflammation because it fuels the ECS to send white blood cells within the body plasma to the joints where pain exists. 

This gives relief from pain because the CBD interacts with the ECS to help ease the pain. 

The Biological Process


CBD enters the body, either orally or through absorption into the skin at the location of the problem. It immediately goes to work to seek out receptors that are part of the ECS. 

When it finds these receptors which are located on the outside of cells in the areas where needed, it binds to the receptor in the same way that a key unlocks a door. 

Once inside of the cell, it can get to work, supervising all functions at the cellular level, helping the body to block pain. 

In fact, when it is in the body and traveling through the neurological network, it can even block the pain signals that are being sent to the brain in high numbers. This helps to blunt pain by restricting how much is acknowledged by the brain. 

When you place a cream with CBD in it directly on the skin, it is absorbed into the body, directly at the site where there is pain. This allows you to forego taking anything orally and applying it directly where you hurt.

 This is very much preferred by many people. 

When it is placed in the area of pain, the steps are shorter to reach the place of pain. It can go to work right where it is needed, but it may not be any quicker, as it has to take some time to absorb into the skin and get deep enough. 

That said, it’s a fantastic way for many people to relieve pain in a localized way. Some will also supplement with some additional oral CBD oil. This is up to you. 

Benefits of Cream Over Oral Dose


You might find that your system is more sensitive to high enough doses of CBD to give you relief from pain. 

This could mean diarrhea for you that is problematic. By using a cream, you might be able to bypass your digestive system completely. 

The carrier oil that the CBD is suspended it could be the problem for your body. Using CBD Pain-Relief Creams will totally remove this issue for the vast majority of people.

It also allows you to use the cream and oral doses without causing any potential side effects, such as headaches or diarrhea. This will allow you to take higher doses that bring more relief to someone with a very high level of pain. 

Anyone can use CBD. It’s been proven to be safe for children and pets too. As long as you follow the directions for the recommended usage, you’ll most likely have no problems with it at all. Side effects are actually pretty rare.