The cannabis industry is slowly growing into a multi-billion dollar investment heaven that does far more than offer people a product.

As you all know, few places in the United States prohibit the medicinal or recreational usage of cannabis. This has sparked the growth of a new industry, and boy is this industry big.

Nowadays, cannabis products are sold in dispensaries, or coffee shops as they are popularly known) and offer a wide range of options for customers. From the most obvious ones to some that are straight-up weird, we bring to you the most popular cannabis products on the free market.

With all that said, let’s begin.

1. Prerolls


The most common product you’ll see in a coffee shop is the preroll. Prerolls are, as the name suggests, previously prepared joints. They are sold in little tubes or small packages and are previously prepared by the vendor. This is the most popular product and one that sells a lot.

But the reason why prerolls are so popular is down to the fact that it eliminates the need for grinding and rolling, as well as, actually obtaining the rolling paper.

Prerolls can be made from a variety of cannabis strains, both Sativa and Indica. Prerolls are highly concentrated in THC.

2. Edibles


As the name suggests, edibles are products that are consumed. This might sound weird for some people, wait till you see the rest of the products, but it’s actually a super effective way to obtain the high.

Edibles can be categorized into four major types, while the most common type is baked goods.

Baked goods refer to cannabis-infused foods that need to be baked. Some of the most popular baked goods include chocolates, pot brownies, hash cookies, and space cakes. But baked goods can be anything that can be baked in an oven and infused with marijuana. Baked goods are super high in THC, and require a higher dosage to make.

The second type is drinks, which can also be referred to as liquid edibles. Essentially, this type of edibles can be any liquid that is sparked with THC ort CBD. People consume liquid edibles the least out of the four, and this product makes around 1.5% of the total market.

The third type is the capsules. And again, same as the previous two, these capsules are infused with either THC or CBD. When discussing both components, the main distinction is the fact that CBD doesn’t get you high, but helps you medically. If we are to discuss the medical effects of CBD, we would need a whole separate article. But the silver lining is that CBD is the component that heals while THC gives you that funny feeling.

The last type is also orally consumed and has become super-popular during the last few years. The last type is live resin, and it’s quite different than the other three.

Live resin is mostly used for the psychoactive properties, making them high in THC. Live resin is made by freezing the plant to preserve its psychoactive properties. The freezing process also preserves the taste, smell, and flavor of the plant. Like we mentioned earlier, live resin is super high in THC and can impact you far more than any other product on this list.

During the cannabis surge of 2017 and 2018, live resin experienced a 70% rise in popularity in states like Colorado and California. In Oregon, however, live resin became one of the three most consumed marijuana products on the market.

Although live resin has some of the smallest market shares out of any we’ll be mentioning on this list, it’s still one of the most common products out there. Capsules are mainly used for medicinal purposes and are mostly made out of CBD.

3. Oil


Yet another product that is mostly made from CBD, cannabis oil is mega-popular on the market.

And while most of the vendors offer oil for medicinal purposes, there are instances where it is mostly made out of THC. As a general rule of thumb, marijuana oil contains some traces of THC if not a lot more.

However, its main component still remains to be CBD, and its main usage still remains to be medicinal. If you’re looking to browse products that can both relieve pain and provide you a recreational evening, then make sure to visit missionorganiccenter.

Oil, edibles, and prerolls are the three most common products of the funny plant. These are nothing new and most people know about them. The next few examples are somewhat unpopular and quite niche. They might sound weird for most people, but they make a large chunk of the industry.

4. Vapes

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It was only a matter of time before the vape industry mixed with the marijuana industry. The result of this polymerization comes in the form of TH/CBD vapes.

If you know what a vape is then you’ll have no problem discovering how it can be used with THC or CBD. For those that don’t know CBD and THC can come in liquid forms, meaning they can be used in vapes.

In 2018, the industry saw a 60% rise in vape sales, which made this product mega-popular. Since then, nearly all dispensaries and online shops have started making THC/CBD vapes a highly accessible commodity.

5. CBD Tinctures


We could have added this into the edibles section, but we decided against it and deemed that CBD tinctures can stand on its own.

CBD tincture comes in liquid form and can be used with any drink or food. The product is high in CBD and low in THC, and it can be categorized more under oil than edibles. But regardless, CBD tinctures can be consumed orally.

Since tinctures make a large chunk of the CBD market, its popularity is projected to rise a lot, and the market can grow up to $22 billion come 2024.

Between 2017 and 2018, CBD tinctures saw a 120% rise in popularity, making it one of the founding fathers of the industry. CBD tinctures are high in CBD, while very low in THC.