The VS1500 LED grow light is a powerful, compact version of VIVOSUN’s most popular grow light. The VS series has a number of useful, interesting features that demonstrates the capacity for excellent plant growth that other brands have used as templates for their own versions of the VS series.

This article will be an introduction to all the features and capacities of the VS series, particularly the VS1500, which stands in a unique position as a 150W LED board. We will look at how the VS1500 saves on electricity cost, its ability to be daisy-chained together with other systems, its flexible ballast, its superior spectrum, and its low energy emission.

When we grow at home, our goal is to simulate the best of outdoor growing while eliminating the worst. This means we want to provide the perfect environment: the perfect temperature, the right humidity, the right light and dark periods, and the perfect light spectrum at various stages of growth – blue light during vegetative and red (and far-red) light for flowering.


Grow lights are designed to emphasize light waves that encourage specific kinds of growth. For example, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights produce a lot more red light than blue light (although they do produce some blue light), so they excel at encouraging plants to produce flowers.

But why do specific colors encourage different types of growth? Light waves have a length that is measured between peak and trough in nanometers. Shorter lengths inhibit cell elongation, translating to thicker leaves and shorter stems while longer wavelengths do the opposite while also stimulating the development of phytochrome – plants elongate and biomass development is increased, including flowers.

Most plants need at least a small amount of blue light throughout its entire lifespan while it also needs a lot more red light. Red light is particularly important during flowering because, as we see in nature when autumn arrives and days become shorter and the sun sets there is far more red in the sky; during longer nights, plants have more time to convert sugars into flowering structures and these sugars are produced in relation to the amount of red light the plant receives during the day. These are the principles used to develop the VS series.


The VS1500 is designed for professionals and hobbyists alike. At 150W, the VS1500 pairs perfectly for two-by-two foot or three by three-foot spaces making it a great tool for small tents used for isolating a single plant, starting seeds, helping along vegetative growth, or having a couple plants in flower.

The VS series lamps are LED boards, a relatively new technology that utilizes small diodes placed in a grid pattern across a semi-sticky surface that is both a protective film and helps dissipate heat without damaging the diodes.

LED technology is an extremely interesting one to examine: LEDs are essentially tiny semiconductors that collect a charge and then disperse it as light and heat. uses a specialized lattice inside the semiconductor to ensure that the transfer of electrons is more efficient and brighter than other types of LEDs.

This is why our fixtures have higher efficacy ratings – the VS1500 is rated at 2.8µmol/J.

The second feature that makes VIVOSUN VS series such a popular choice for growers is how easy it is to control multiple devices, meaning expanding your grow space is simple and efficient. Each VS1500 can be daisy-chained to another with an included cable.


Through this cable, growers can control multiple devices simultaneously, that means you can control brightness and photoperiod, all through the VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller and the App. This allows the VS1500 to be expanded into larger spaces and dimmed in a range of 0% (off), 25%, 50%, 75%, to 100% and the whole system can be powered through your home 120V outlet.

Daisy chaining is a must in the industry today. It means that growers do not need to throw away old lights; rather, they can simply add a new one into the system and connect the old one to it so they no longer waste money on replacing systems.

If you do plan to upgrade to a larger space and light, expanding the system is simple: all you’ll need to do is connect the VS1500 to the new system and you’ll be able to control both together.

Once you start building a new space the VS1500 works well to add coverage in areas that might not receive as much otherwise, such as areas that have no overlap with other lights.

The VS1500 is an excellent full-spectrum light that utilizes Samsung LM301 diodes, some of the most reliable LED diodes on the marketplace today. The VS1500 LED grow, and other VS series, emphasize spectrum that has been proven to be the most beneficial to plants: 3000K, 5000K, 660nm blue-spectrum light for vegetative growth by improving chlorophyll production; and even 730nm for red and far-red spectrum light, that helps encourage flowering.


The VS1500 provides more power for blooming along with a superb PAR map that demonstrates the efficacy of the lamp. We recommend that each VS1500 lamp is placed between two feet and 3 feet above a two-by-two-foot space for the best coverage and lamp efficiency. We are proud of the VS1500’s dense and uniform PPFD, which demonstrates that the lamp has deeper penetration into the canopy all while only consuming 150W of electricity.

Further on this point, the VS1500 only draws 150W of energy from wall outlets. With an efficiency of 2.8µmol/J, the lamp helps decrease the cost of your energy bill as it draws power from the wall.

The system is powered by a built-in ballast located at the top of the system that pulls in cool air from above the light and pushes hot air out the other side, effectively cooling the internal components and reducing heat output in tents so that your plants do not live in a hothouse.

We designed the VS1500 with minimal heat output, as demonstrated by its efficacy meaning you don’t need to add fans to cool your space (but you absolutely should still add a fan for circulation, it’s healthy for your plants!). What is more, the VS1500 comes with a 5-year after-sale service and a 2-year warranty to ensure that your plants are always covered.