What’s the point of “chilling out” and “relaxing” if you’re paranoid and scatterbrained? Marijuana, weed, ganja, cannabis—it’s got a reputation: one for relaxation, exhilaration, hilarity, and the munchies. However, some people find themselves paranoid, annoyed, or frustrated when using this substance, and that’s just not necessary.

However, there’s a good reason why some users experience these unwanted psychoactive effects, and it has to do with a few key factors. First, understand what cannabis does: essentially it “roots” you to “the moment”, exacerbating sensory input such that even well-known things seem suddenly new, or novel.

New things are simultaneously entertaining and alarming, depending on your personality and perception. So, for example, if you’re looking for things to laugh at, you’ll find them. But if you’re looking for things to be afraid of, you might find them as well. Thankfully, with the “high” of weed, you’re likely going to forget what was making you paranoid in a few minutes anyway.

Even so, there are things you can do to reduce instances of paranoia when indulging in this deliciously simple, mellow-making compound. Following we’ll explore five tips that will ease or reduce anxiety as regards use of cannabis in either a recreational or a medicinal capacity.

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Get Everything “Set”– Entertainment, Snacks, Location, Etc.

So cannabis as a means of reducing anxiety is one of the best possible options out there. It’s natural, you can smoke it, you can eat it, you can use it as a topical ointment, and these days you can even drink it if that suits you. The thing is, what often happens right after you “toke up” is that something happens which undermines your relaxation.So say you wanted to have a puff right after you worked, but as soon as you did, you realized you needed to wash the car, get groceries, and attend a PTA conference.

Suddenly, cannabis is an impediment to the things you must get done, and now instead of being mellow, you’re just vaguely annoyed about something which keeps slipping your mind.Here’s what makes more sense: prep everything in advance before you smoke. Clear your schedule. Get the snacks and drinks in the living room, put a blanket and pillow on the couch, queue up your favorite show, and put the phone somewhere else, or if you need it, have it plugged in nearby. Once all that is set up, then go indulge.

Find Strains Of Cannabis That Agree With You

Different strains will have different effects on different users. Sativa tends to be an “upper”, but it isn’t always. Indica tends to be a “downer”, but again, it isn’t always. Did you know coffee puts some people to sleep? Similarly, indica and sativa strains can have inverse effects on some users. Hybrids sometimes correct the issue.Different strains also have different concentrations of THC, meaning they may hit you more or less intensely. Accordingly, you want to understand your tolerance thresholds. There are “cheap” brands of cannabis with a THC concentration of 30%+.

Others have less than 10%. Colorado has many deals, and as the industry formalizes, expect more across the country. Often the deals begin with derivatives of traditional cannabis coming from non-psychoactive compounds like Cannabidial, or CBD. CBD is generally going to be a mellowing agent, and can help relieve pain in many users. It can be worthwhile to “lean” on CBD-heavy strains for some users. There are strains out there which are heavy in CBD as well as THC, allowing for the “head high” in addition to the soothing mellow effects CBD has on the body. Most dispensaries will provide information pertaining to things like CBD, THC, and even things like terpenes.

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Be Sure To Use The Right Tools For Ingestion

Some people prefer to smoke, some people prefer to ingest by eating. Some prefer to “dab”, which is its own animal. Joints, bowls, blunts, spliffs—everybody’s got their own preference. If you don’t know what you’re doing, that will make you anxious, and this emotional quality can percolate at the back of your mind.To avoid that, find all the things you need to prepare cannabis how it suits you best. One option might be to visit this site: Me Time Box.

The link will lead you to a discreet service shipping cannabis preparation tools and smoking apparatuses across the country. Pipes, bongs, bowls, rolling papers of many sizes, and even cannabis prep trays covered in non-stick plastic are available. Storage devices and grinders can be used as well, and these may just maximize your buying power. A metal grinder with multiple levels, including a kief tray, can help you get every bit of mellow goodness from any flower you buy. When you’ve got the right tools for preparation, you can eventually cover the associated expense of such tools through the maximization of your regular buying patterns.

Try Your Best Not To Get “Too High”

Edibles can knock you out for a day or so, if you’re not familiar with them. If you are, they’ll be more mild. That said, eat a 100 mg brownie of cannabis, and you may be “high” until about the time you ate it the following day. Getting “too high” is a recipe for anxiety. That, or deep naps on the couch. Either way, try to be balanced. Anything can be taken too far.

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Indulge Around The Right People

Some people, even if “cool” with cannabis, just aren’t fun. That guy who won’t button up about how “awesome” he is, that girl who only cares about reality shows, that transient with two teeth who is trying to be a teenager forever; sometimes individuals can “hijack” your relaxation. If you’re going to be “high” around people, get around those you like.

Finding Your Mellow And Keeping It

When you set everything up in advance, use cannabis strains that agree with you, indulge with the proper tools, only get as “high” as you can stand, and indulge around the right sort of people, you’ll get the most anxiety reduction from your cannabis ingestion.