Today’s teenagers face many challenges, and so do their parents. Wanting to save our children from danger and bad habits, we very often overlook certain things. Today, vaping is a widespread phenomenon among teenagers. Although less dangerous than classic cigarettes – this doesn’t mean that vaping has no consequences for the health of our children. How do we recognize the signs and what parents should know about teen vaping? Here are some answers.

There’s A Reason Why Vaping Is Not Allowed For Minors

Having a child who is a teenager is a big challenge for parents. Teens’ curiosity, the desire to fit into a new environment, and prove themselves in front of their peers – often leads to consuming alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. Therefore, as parents, we must be very careful. However, in recent years, what has been noticeable in children of this age is the increasing use of electronic cigarettes – or the so-called vaping. Manufacturers of vaping products are very clear and unambiguous when it comes to selling their products to minors. So, it is forbidden for all those who are under age. However, as is usually the case – those things that are forbidden are even more tempting. Therefore, teenagers very often use tricks to get such products and continue vaping – which soon becomes a habit.

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Why Is Vaping Bad For Teens?

Although many teenagers, and even their parents, believe that vaping is less dangerous than classic cigarettes – we must take into account the consequences for our children. Namely, numerous studies have shown that teenagers who consume e-cigarettes at an early age – are more likely to switch to real cigarettes at a later age. Moreover, depending on the liquid they use when vaping – teens may ingest even more nicotine than when smoking classic cigarettes. The biggest problem for parents is the fact that they will find it harder to detect such a phenomenon – or rather, to say, smell it.

What Are The Things You Should Know About Teen Vaping?

Very often, parents themselves are not sufficiently familiar with this topic. Therefore, they often miss the fact that their teenager has already adopted the vaping habit. If you want to be able to recognize certain signs of vaping in your child – you must first get acquainted with some facts about it. Here are some.

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1. Vaping Doesn’t Leave The Characteristic Smell

Every parent already knows how to recognize the characteristic smell of cigarettes on their child. The smell of tobacco creeps into the wardrobe, hair – and you can feel it in your teenager’s breath. With vaping products, this detection method is far more difficult. When vaping, only steam comes out – which doesn’t leave behind that unpleasant smell, as cigarettes do. The smell that e-cigarettes produce is almost negligible. In addition, vaping products often contain aromas of fruit or mint that will camouflage nicotine – or even THC if your teenager uses it.

2. Many parents don’t realize that vaping can develop an addiction

Most children who encounter vaping do not think much about the consequences. Namely, even though it is not the same thing as cigarettes – vaping can certainly become addictive for teenagers. Although most of them think it’s just flavored steam – many of the cartridges with liquids actually contain a very high percentage of nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. Needless to say, in some countries, you can legally buy vaporizers and liquids that also contain THC. Therefore, you need to know what you are consuming because otherwise, some form of addiction can develop. Teenagers are a population that is still in psycho-physical development, and their brains that are not yet fully developed are far more susceptible to some forms of addiction.

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3. Vaping is not legal for use by minors

The manufacturers themselves are often under attack for vaping products – although we have to admit that in most cases this is unjustified. On all the websites of trusted manufacturers like DashVapes, you will see that you are required to provide information to prove that you are not a minor. Therefore, we can say that the problem itself doesn’t lie in the manufacturers and sellers. The problem is in the fact that teenagers often manage to come up with vaping kits. They usually do it with the help of those who are not minors. Therefore, parents should take care whether their data has been misused for these purposes – but also to pay attention to who their children are hanging out with. Namely, if you suspect that your teen is vaping, and you know that he has friends who are not minors – you don’t need much time to put two and two together.

4. How do you recognize the signs if a teenager is cheating on you?

Unlike cigarettes, which we will easily recognize by their smoke, smell, and packaging – vaporizers will be a little harder to detect. Some vaporizers have such a design that they are difficult to recognize because they look like pens, USB chargers, watches, etc. Therefore, you should focus your attention on the new little items that your child has – that you have not seen before. Also, smells like the smell of gummy candies, fruit, and the like – can be a good indication that your child has already adopted this habit. Also, if you notice physical changes in a child in terms of shortness of breath, coughing, etc. – this is a reliable indicator that your child is using a vape.

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5. How to prevent this phenomenon in teens?

You need to be aware that you cannot isolate a child or prevent a child from being exposed to such things. Therefore, you must start talking to your kids about these things very early. Let your child know that you understand his curiosity to try something new – but explain to him the facts about chemicals that are inhaled through vaping and their harmfulness to the young organism. Try to explain to your kid what the consequences of vaping are at such an early age – and how cool it can be to stand out in the crowd for some of the better things that you can do.